The Lion Electric Company unveiled the Lion8 Tractor, an all-electric Class 8 commercial truck, during the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas.

The Lion8 Tractor, which is expected to be commercially available mid-2024, offers the highest gross combination weight rating (GCWR) in the EV truck sector, boasting up to 127,000 pounds, according to the company.

“Today we’re not just unveiling a new commercial truck. We're introducing a game-changer in freight transportation,” said Nick Bruni, Lion Electric senior vice president, to reporters in Las Vegas.

“The Lion8 Tractor truck clearly sets a new standard in the EV truck market. We’re combining performance, quality, efficiency, environmental sustainability, and like all of our vehicles, it is purpose-built for electric and to meet and exceed, we hope, the demands of the operators.”

battery-electric Lion8 Tractor during ACT Expo unveiling

Nick Bruni, Lion Electric senior vice president, introduces the battery-electric Lion8 Tractor to reporters in Las Vegas.

Photo: Jack Roberts

About the Lion8 Tractor Electric Heavy-Duty Truck

“This isn’t just a truck, it’s a powerhouse on wheels,” Bruni said following the unveiling of the truck.

The first of Lion Electric’s vehicles to use its proprietary Heavy-Duty battery packs, a battery capacity of up to 630 kWh provides a range of up to 275 miles. Charging to 80% SOC (state of charge) at max power can be accomplished in approximately 1.5 hours.

The truck features Lion’s high-energy-density proprietary 750V battery system and standard Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) compatibility.

The Lion8 Tractor features a 6x4 axle configuration with two integrated 2-speed eAxles. The Lion-engineered cab-forward design provides optimal driver visibility and maneuverability, according to company officials.

Additional features such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and an onboard weighing system further enhance safety and efficiency.

Lion Electric’s Commercial EV Experience and Support

Lion Electric has been working on the development of all-electric medium and heavy-duty vehicles for 15 years, according to the company, and it offers a portfolio of Class 5-8 electric commercial vehicles in North America.

Lion has more than 2,000 vehicles on the road, with over 25 million miles driven.

Battery-electric Lion8 Tractor with trailer at The Lion Electric headquarters.

The first of Lion Electric’s vehicles to use its proprietary Heavy-Duty battery packs, a battery capacity of up to 630 kWh provides a range of up to 275 miles.

Photo: The Lion Electric Co.

Fleets customers considering the Lion8 Tractor have direct access to the Lion Customer Success team, who are experts in supporting the transition to zero emissions. The support includes:

  • Charging infrastructure with LionEnergy.
  • Financing assistance with LionCapital Solutions.
  • Funding support services provided by the LionGrants team.
  • Driver/maintenance/safety training from LionAssistance.
  • Proprietary EV telematics with LionBeat.

“The Lion8 Tractor embodies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility in modern freight transportation,” stated Marc Bedard, CEO-Founder of Lion, in a news release. “Our purpose-built electric vehicles stand as the cornerstone of our vision for a sustainable future.”

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