-  Source: Solera Fleet Solutions

Source: Solera Fleet Solutions

A rigorous video safety program is essential for assessing and improving driving habits and reducing risk for fleets. However, a truly effective program goes beyond just installing cameras and capturing video. This is where managed services for video safety come in, offering significant advantages for organizations and drivers alike.

One major benefit of a managed services program is the consistency of independent, unbiased reviews. Personal biases can impact the effectiveness of a safety program when different individuals draw different conclusions based on their own viewpoints. Managed services eliminate subjectivity by establishing defined rules and providing independent review of recorded incidents. This objective measurement ensures consistency and allows for fair comparisons among peer drivers in the fleet.

Fairness to drivers is another crucial aspect. When drivers feel treated unfairly or singled out, they may become resistant to coaching. Managed services remove the perception of unfairness by measuring everyone against the same objective standards, leading to greater openness and responsiveness to feedback.

Objective, data-based comparisons to peers provide valuable insights for improvement. Managed services offer benchmarks for specific safety situations, allowing safety managers to objectively compare performance across regions, terminals, and individual drivers. This data-based approach helps identify areas for improvement while recognizing exceptional performance.

The ability to establish consistent, customized rules is another key advantage of managed services. Each company has its own culture, policies, and risks, making a one-size-fits-all approach impractical. Managed services enable fleet management to create customized safety rules tailored to their specific needs, focusing coaching efforts on the most relevant areas.

Comparing performance to industry peers can be challenging due to varying risk perspectives. Managed services provide tools to compare a fleet's performance to industry peers, even when evaluating events differently. This benchmarking capability allows companies to assess their safety standing within the industry and identify areas for further improvement.

SmartDrive video safety solutions are designed to ultimately ensure drivers return safely to their families, vehicles reach their terminals, and risks to the business and others on the road are minimized. To learn more about the advantages of Managed Services, please click on the link below.