-  Image Courtesy of Neste

Image Courtesy of Neste

In an era defined by sustainability, businesses across industries are seeking innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact. However, businesses often encounter numerous challenges when it comes to finding the right and effective solution to reduce their emissions. Southwest Traders, a prominent food distributor based in Temecula, California, is a prime example of a business that not only faced these challenges but also discovered an immediate solution. A transition to Neste MY Renewable Diesel™, a lower-emission fuel, not only lowered greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the fleet but is also helping its customers meet their sustainability goals.

Southwest Traders operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As an essential business, the company needs to keep its supply chain moving to ensure customers, including Starbucks, Panera Bread and Einstein Bros., have quick and reliable delivery services. Recognizing the growing urgency to transition away from fossil fuels, Southwest Traders needed a solution that  meets its operation requirements and sustainability goals. Partnering with Diesel Direct and Neste, Southwest Traders accomplished the transition without interrupting the daily operations that catered to their diverse range of customers.

“As the nation’s largest distributor of Neste MY Renewable Diesel, we deliver fuel from San Diego to Portland. We are committed to working with essential companies like Southwest Traders to keep their trucks fueled up and on the road every day, while ensuring a commitment to sustainability and the environment,” said Tim Johnson, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Diesel Direct.

Although the adoption of electric vehicles is on the rise, for Southwest Traders, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is ideal for their fleet because it is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved fuel that offers the same level of reliability as conventional diesel. Fueling with renewable diesel also required no modifications to their fleet as it is a drop in, today solution. As a California-born company, Southwest Traders strives to be a responsible business within their operation areas. The company’s commitment to sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and alignment with customer values led them to adopt renewable diesel.

This alternative fuel is chemically identical to fossil diesel and can be used without any modifications, neat or blended at any ratio. Additionally, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is the first TOP TIER certified fuel of its kind made from 100% renewable raw materials. What sets renewable diesel apart lies in its production process, known as hydrotreatment, which transforms renewable raw materials, typically including vegetable oils, animal fats, and waste materials, into a hydrocarbon with characteristics similar to fossil diesel. However, the key differentiator lies in its environmental impact, resulting in up to 75%* lower GHG emissions compared to fossil fuel. By making the switch, Southwest Traders is helping to create a healthier planet for future generations.

The beauty of this transition lay in its cost-effectiveness; it demanded no modifications to existing engines, distribution systems, or fueling infrastructure, meaning it’s compatible with the company's existing fleet. This “drop-in” solution ensures a seamless transition for businesses, making it a practical choice.

Southwest Traders' transition to renewable diesel serves as a prime example of how responsible businesses can achieve their sustainability goals without compromising operational efficiency. By embracing a readily available, alternative fuel source, Southwest Traders has contributed to a more sustainable future for the transportation industry. This partnership underscores the importance of practical, real-world solutions in addressing climate change and highlights the positive impact that business decision-makers can have on the environment.

*Lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reductions compared to fossil diesel and based on current raw materials pathways. Calculation method complies with the LCFS CA-GREET 3.0.