Image Courtesy of Tenstreet

Image Courtesy of Tenstreet

When it comes to applicant tracking systems (ATS), transparency is essential. Truck drivers and carriers need to know that their data — including sensitive applicant information — is safe with their ATS provider.

At Tenstreet, privacy and security have always been top priorities. Now the company is making that commitment even clearer with the new Application Transparency feature.

Put simply, Tenstreet’s Application Transparency tool empowers drivers to take control of their data. When applicants fill out lead forms, they can see where their application information is going, choose which carriers connect with them, and set communication preferences.

Safeguarding Drivers’ Data

Carriers need an ATS that not only helps them recruit, onboard, manage, and retain drivers, but also gives those drivers the transparency and control over their data they deserve.

With nearly 4 million drivers storing their data on Tenstreet’s secure platform, privacy and security are hallmarks of the company’s brand, and the new Application Transparency feature builds on that legacy.

For Driver Pulse users, the benefits of Application Transparency include:

  • More insight on where their information is going when they fill out lead forms.
  • The ability to choose which carriers connect with them, and how they do so.
  • More control over communications in the app, with options to turn off texts, emails, and notifications.
  • Visibility on whether a specific carrier has their application data, and when and where they got it (for example, “when you applied at XYZ job board, your application was sent to ABC carriers”).

The bottom line is that Tenstreet does not share or sell driver data — never has and never will. The new Application Transparency feature is yet another way that Tenstreet demonstrates its unwavering commitment to privacy and security.

Here’s the inside scoop on how Driver Pulse and Application Transparency benefit both drivers and carriers.


Image Courtesy of Tenstreet

Image Courtesy of Tenstreet

Making the Right Connections

Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse mobile app is the only ATS solution of its kind in the trucking industry, connecting great drivers to great carriers.

Driver Pulse helps applicants find jobs, complete training, and communicate with carriers. The app enables drivers to:

  • Find a carrier, view its profile and open positions, and apply with a few taps.
  • Receive status updates as they move through the recruiting process.
  • Communicate with carriers and other drivers through in-app text and video messaging.
  • Easily sign and upload documents, with Driver Pulse pre-populating forms for drivers on the go.
  • Complete onboarding, training, and drug testing on a mobile device, before arriving on site.
  • Control which carriers they want to communicate with and easily see where they applied using the new Application Transparency feature.

Driver Pulse also helps carriers to market, recruit, onboard, manage, and retain drivers. The app’s benefits for carriers include:

  • Unparalleled promotion. Clients can take advantage of free advertising for their open positions and promote their brand to more than 220,000 active drivers per month.
  • Finding the right drivers. Clients can get matched with the best-suited candidates through the Pulse Match service.
  • Keeping drivers engaged. Driver Pulse messaging has proven to be 2-3x more effective than texting and 4-5x more effective than email.
  • Tapping into a comprehensive training library. Tenstreet’s library boasts 240+ classes available to clients at a flat rate — not on a per-driver basis.
  • Getting clearinghouse reports. Tenstreet’s integration with the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse brings reports back to client dashboards 35% faster, improving time-to-hire.
  • Relief from the paper shuffle with an electronic chain of custody. Save money and only onboard drivers who can pass a drug test through this integration with popular drug screening providers.

Tenstreet’s success in the trucking market is borne out by the numbers. On average, more than 220,000 active drivers submit some 43,000 applications through Driver Pulse each month. To date, more than 1.8 million drivers have downloaded the app.

Those numbers are also a testament to the trust clients place in Tenstreet to protect their data. Now, with the addition of Application Transparency, the company has bolstered its role as the trusted ATS provider of choice for both drivers and carriers.

“Tenstreet is quickly becoming a platform that all carriers are starting to speak,” said Deen Albert, Tenstreet client and director of operations at Grand Island Express. “More importantly, it’s the language that most drivers are speaking. I commend Tenstreet on doing a great job at bringing everybody together.” 

For more details on Tenstreet’s new Application Transparency feature, go to, contact the Tenstreet team for a free demo, and/or register for our upcoming webinar featuring these new privacy controls by clicking on the button below.

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