Four new sites Drivewyze added along I-80 and I-29 are among the most frequented weigh stations...

Four new sites Drivewyze added along I-80 and I-29 are among the most frequented weigh stations in Iowa.

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Drivewyze's PreClear bypass solution is now available at seven weigh station sites in Iowa.

Drivewyze allows inspectors to bypass trucks that that meet the established threshold – based on their safety record.

The six new locations are:

  1. I-80 WB in Avoca, near Omaha, Nebraska
  2. I-80 EB in Dallas County, near Des Moines, Iowa
  3. I-80 WB in Jasper County, near Des Moines
  4. I-29 NB in Fremont County, near Omaha
  5. I-35 SB in Worth County, between Albert Lea, Minnesota, and Mason City, Iowa
  6. I-380 NB & SB in Brandon, between Waterloo, Iowa and Cedar Rapids, Iowa

With seven total Drivewyze-enabled weigh stations in Iowa, Drivewyze PreClear is now available in 49 states and provinces – providing bypass opportunities at more than 800 locations

“As a centrally located state and within a day’s drive to many major cities in the Midwest, Iowa experiences a lot of truck traffic from Iowa-based trucking operations serving regional markets as well as cross-country and cross-border operations,” Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze, said in a press release. “We’re excited to partner with the Iowa Department of Transportation to offer a service that will provide benefits to both drivers and Iowa law enforcement. Weigh station bypass is an important tool to improve safety and freight efficiency.”

According to Heath, four new sites Drivewyze added along I-80 and I-29 are among the most frequented weigh stations in the state. With the I-80 sites in Iowa now online, Drivewyze PreClear customers will receive uninterrupted bypass coverage along the busiest highway in the state.

“I-80 is key commerce interstate that starts in San Francisco and goes all the way to New Jersey,” said Heath. “With the three new I-80 sites in Iowa, Drivewyze customers can bypass more than 20 weigh stations along I-80, which is a tremendous time-saver for fleets and drivers that regularly travel on this interstate.”

The I-29 weigh station site that was added is located just outside of Omaha near the Nebraska-Iowa border and is a major arterial that connects Kansas City and runs north to the U.S. – Canadian border. Drivewyze’s new I-35 bypass site in north-central Iowa is part of an interstate that stretches from Laredo, Texas to Duluth, Minnesota and connects major cities including Dallas, Oklahoma City, Kansas City and Minneapolis. Along I-35, Drivewyze customers can receive 16 bypass opportunities.

“It’s important to strategically add weigh station bypass opportunities in areas that will support both interstate and local or regional operations,” said Heath. “We expect these new bypass sites in Iowa to provide  significant time savings for drivers and fleets in the state.”

According to Heath, the industry average for time spent per weigh station visit is five minutes, and up to an hour or more if a truck is pulled in for inspection.

“Depending on a carrier’s safety scores, trucks can receive up to a 98% bypass rate,” Heath said. “Weigh station bypass is one of the easiest ways for fleets and drivers to reduce downtime and operational costs.”

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