Zonar report findings indicate the need for safety improvements industry wide, despite...

Zonar report findings indicate the need for safety improvements industry wide, despite advancements in commercial trucking technology and safety precautions.

Zonar, a provider of smart fleet solutions, released its “Road Safety Consumer Sentiment Survey” revealing nearly two thirds of American licensed drivers (65%) feel safe while driving on the highway alongside commercial trucks. The survey was commissioned by Zonar and conducted online by The Harris Poll among over 1,800 U.S. licensed drivers.

Despite advancements in technology and a majority of driver’s projected comfortability sharing the roadway, the findings still indicate there’s significant room for improvement industry wide to make roads safer for all drivers.

Key findings from Zonar’s inaugural Road Safety Consumer Sentiment Survey include:

  • Truck drivers and fleet managers need to implement preventative measures through proper electronic pre- and post-trip inspections. Sixty-five percent of American licensed drivers agree to feeling safe driving on the highway with commercial trucks. Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are helping fleets ensure inspections take place and alert drivers of vehicle defects to help truck drivers operate safely every day.
  • Proactive technology can save lives and money. Seventy-five percent of American drivers agree the commercial trucking industry follows safe driving practices. While technology cannot prevent every accident, in-cab coaching solutions are helping drivers take corrective action, when necessary, while capturing data and video footage in real time.
  • The trucking industry needs to improve consumer perception. In a somewhat concerning finding, 25% of American drivers do not agree commercial truckers drive responsibly. While truckers follow many safe driving guidelines, regulations, and compliance rules, perception is what matters to ensure drivers are safer – and feel safer. Partnerships, such as Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB), can help educate fleets and the public on effective safety programs.
  • Predictive maintenance platforms and federal mandates are helping fleets monitor fleet health and drive safer. Seventy-three percent of American drivers strongly agree or agree the commercial trucking industry does everything it can to keep them safe while on the road with commercial trucks. The U.S. and Canadian Electronic Logging Devices Mandates are helping to create a safer work environment for drivers.
  • Commercial trucks today have sensors tracking more data than anyone would imagine. Sixty-eight percent of American drivers agree commercial trucks are some of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the road. Technology is improving fleet pain points, such as tracking vehicle uptime, tracking driver trip performance data, and logging fault codes.

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