The premium oil is formulated for oil leakage and critical component protection.  -  Photo: Mystik

The premium oil is formulated for oil leakage and critical component protection.

Photo: Mystik

CITGO introduced a line of premium anti-wear hydraulic oils to the anti-wear lubricants market. The advanced formulation of Mystik JT-9 LeakShield AW hydraulic oils addresses the issue of leaks in hydraulic machines, and provides proven protection for seals, pumps, and other critical components against water penetration, rust, and corrosion.

“An estimated 100 million gallons of lubricating fluid is lost to leakage every year in North America, and that translates to huge financial loss for users,” said CITGO General Manager Lubricants Mike Curtis. “But the opportunity cost of hydraulic leaks goes beyond that. Failure of critical components often leads to interruptions in production. Mystik LeakShield AW provides optimal lubrication for hydraulic machines and helps to lock out contaminants that could cause machine failure. This green-dye lubricant helps plant workers quickly detect major external leaks for prompt, remedial action, so catastrophic failures can be prevented.”

Mystik LeakShield AW showed rapid water separation ability when put through the ASTM D1401 demulsibility test - especially important for hydraulic applications used around water and associated contaminants. In other industry-specific tests, Mystik LeakShield AW surpassed the standard levels for protecting hydraulic machines against wear, rust, and corrosion. It is recommended for bearings and gears which require a rust and oxidation/AW hydraulic oil and hydraulic circuit components including valves, motors, servos, and pumps.

“Hydraulic machines are force multipliers. Choosing an anti-wear hydraulic fluid that aligns with your preventive maintenance goals helps you stay focused on production and plugs the leak in your budget,” added Curtis. “Our advanced formulation is widely applicable for use in a variety of industries, including agriculture, mining, construction, and other industrial settings. We are making it available in viscosity grades 32, 46, 68, 100, HVI-32, and HVI-68, giving users a wide range of choices to suit their operating conditions."

Mystik JT-9 LeakShield AW is formulated for both high- and low-pressure hydraulic systems, including stationary and mobile types. It is compatible with conventional hydraulic oils and available in a variety of packages, including gallons, drums, totes, and the Mystik GoBox – a biodegradable packaging option.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online