Hino, Fuso, and Lion Electric Truck Dealership chose to salute some of the true heroes of 2020 in a heartfelt Holiday video tribute. 

Truck drivers are among those who are risking their personal health and putting in hard work and hours to bring products to stores, hospitals, businesses, etc., so H.K. Truck Center wanted to figure out a way to thank them. Although this year has been difficult for so many, it was brought to light how important truck drivers are - especially during a global pandemic. 

The heartfelt holiday video highlights the simple, yet ebullient tradition of the trucker’s salute - something that put a smile on children and truck driver’s faces, everywhere. 

“After a year like 2020, we felt it would be appropriate to show our thanks to the brave, hardworking truckers that have stepped up during these tumultuous times. It just so happened that we had been wondering, ‘What ever happened to people asking truck drivers to honk their horns?’ We couldn’t help but follow through with this concept.”

In addition to the video, they’ve included a submission form for truck drivers to submit their trucker’s salute stories from their travels throughout their career to pass on the positive vibes.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online

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