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Image: ATA

The American Trucking Associations has partnered with the Louisa Swain Foundation and the Wyoming Office of Tourism to honor the first female voter with the Louisa Swain Convoy, a week-long, cross-country journey.

Starting August 31, at 9:30 a.m. ET, a tractor-trailer dedicated to Louisa Swain will depart from the U.S. Capitol and journey to Laramie, Wyoming, where Louisa Swain made history 150 years ago as the first woman in America to cast a ballot. A woman's right to vote was not federally mandated until 1920, when the Nineteenth Amendment was passed.

Leading the Convoy are four female professional truck drivers, who will make stops at historical milestones and national landmarks along the way. The truck will pick up The Awakening — a historical illustration depicting the genesis of the women’s suffrage movement that is currently held at the Library of Congress — and deliver it to the Louisa Swain Foundation in Laramie.   

The convoy will reach its destination on September 6 — the 150th anniversary of the vote — and will include a re-enactment and celebration at the Louisa Swain Foundation’s History House.

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