-  Photo: Noregon

Photo: Noregon

Noregon recently release the second update for JPRO Professional, an in-shop diagnostic and repair tool for all makes and models of commercial vehicles.

The company added support for new components, such as the Cummins compressed natural gas engine, new bi-directional tests for major vehicle and component manufacturers, and medium-duty support. The tool’s troubleshooting module, NextStep Fault Guidance, was also integrated as a standard feature with all JPRO purchases.

“We want to ensure customers get the most out of the tool, so we integrated NextStep Fault Guidance to be a key feature rather than an optional module,” said Jason Hedman, JPRO product manager. “Now, users have the ability to troubleshoot issues to detect the root cause to make long-lasting repairs that help fleets maximize uptime.”

The feature, now called Fault Guidance, takes JPRO’s fault data and provides both troubleshooting steps and information like wiring diagrams and component locations.