While many aspects of life have been put on hold with the spread of COVID-19, thousands of drivers keep going. They continue to go the distance in so many aspects of their work. Spending weeks away from their families or sometimes risking their personal health, these drivers are keeping goods moving during the crisis to benefit us all, but it doesn’t stop there.

Drivers are frontline heroes in so many ways that go beyond the movement of goods, and 3M would like to show their gratitude. 3M invited companies to nominate drivers who go above and beyond. Below is the first driver spotlight.

Dale Lambert - UPS

Providing great customer service is always a top priority for drivers, and delivery time is a big part of that. During this unprecedented time, Dale Lambert has made every delivery on time without hesitation. Even with the challenges of the pandemic, Dale has continued to make the customers’ satisfaction his top priority.

With customers turning more and more to online shopping to avoid crowds and to practice social distancing, e-commerce is expected to increase by 18% in 2020 according to e-Marketer. Drivers like Dale help provide customers with the packages they need when they need them. Dale has been with UPS for roughly eight years and says he’s always had a love for driving and really enjoys meeting new people. Even with all of the new tasks that are now a part of his routine such as  remembering to wear a mask, following social distancing, and adhering to all of  the recommended guidelines, Dale still carries his same passion and commitment to deliver quality service.

UPS has no shortage of drivers like Dale, who are willing to go above and beyond and who are doing amazing things not only for their customers, but also for the community at large.  In partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), UPS has trained more than 90% of their drivers to spot and report signs of human trafficking on their routes. TAT provides resources to train drivers on warning signs and how to respond. UPS began working with TAT in 2016 and has since used its tremendous footprint to partner with TAT for a great cause. UPS recently held a webinar with TAT and The Vomela Companies for Driving Goodness Amplified, to shed light on how companies can use their supply chains to affect change and to promote social good.

The last few months have shined a much-needed light on the hard work and dedication of frontline and essential workers, and 3M is beyond grateful and proud of the amazing work their customers and partners do.

Have a driver in mind who has gone above and beyond? Nominate them here.

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