Sparta Will Provide COVID-19 Antibody Testing, Sanitation to Drivers

Photo: fernando zhiminaicela via Pixabay

Sparta Group has signed agreements with both SBL Technologies Incorporated and NME Ltd. to supply COVID-19 antibody testing and analysis for truck drivers, as well as a suite of nanotechnology formulations to clean and protect truck surfaces.

SBL’s COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test can determine whether a person has contracted the virus and is actively producing antibodies, or has previously contracted it recovered, and is producing the disease-fighting IgG antibodies. The antibody tests can provide this information within 15 minutes.

Sparta will start distributing the test kits to truckers in the U.S. and allow reporting through the TruckSuite mobile app, which is a suite of COVID-19 safety tools that include a comprehensive, app-based, data collection component used to gain a better understanding of the impact of viral outbreaks like COVID-19..

“With an industry as large as trucking, that employs more than 8.7 million workers across America, it really helps to be able to gather data so that we can improve strategies to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and make sure that truckers on the frontlines are safe," said O'Bireck.

The NME-licensed compounds, which are FDA and EPA registered, have the ability to kill 99.99% of dangerous viruses, bacteria and microbes on contact and were designed to create a continuous antimicrobial shield to surfaces, according to the company. This system of mechanical germ and microbe removal is free of harmful chemicals, biocides or poisons.

The agreement, according to Sparta President John O'Bireck, gives the company the “building blocks to work together to not only provide solutions for the trucking industry but also for many other new market verticals that are emerging as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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