Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme synthetic engine oil provides significant fuel economy benefits for Class 8 trucks, according to a test program initiated by Valvoline.

The test program studied the fuel efficiency potential of the engine oil. Testing followed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Fuel Efficiency test protocol, which showed test results with up to a 3 percent improvement in fuel economy.

Premium Blue Extreme engine oil is designed to meet the needs of modern diesel engines, including 2007 models equipped with diesel particulate filters and enhanced EGR, running both ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and low-sulfur diesel fuel.

Advantages of Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme include:

* Cummins-approved for 5,000-mile oil drain extension, under normal duty, for 2007 engines.
* Premium synthetic basestocks provide faster, safer starts during freezing weather and enhanced thermal properties for hot weather operations.
* Reduced high temperature carbon buildup âˆ' both single and two-piece pistons âˆ' and ring/liner wear protection leads to improved oil consumption control.
* Provides fuel economy benefits for on-highway Class 8 trucks.

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