Volvo Trucks North America will award three "Great Minds" one-year scholarships to students whose parent or guardian drives a Volvo truck.

The scholarships will be awarded to students who are either already in or will be entering college in fall 2009. One scholarship is for $20,000, the second is for $10,000 and the third is for $5,000. Volvo will submit payments to the scholarship recipients' universities over a 12-month period, to be applied to tuition and fees set by the institution. Students will receive half of their payment for the 2009 fall semester and the remaining half for the 2010 spring semester.

Eligible students will be evaluated on the basis of their overall academic performance, extracurricular activities, work experience, and an essay on: "What has trucking meant to my family?" Applications must be submitted by March 27, 2009. Results will be announced at the Great American Trucking Show in August 2009.

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