The North Carolina Department of Transportation will reroute I-40 from the Greensboro Urban Loop back to its original location, which is currently signed as I-40 Business, in late fall.

The interstate relocation was suggested by motorists traveling around Greensboro to make the route less confusing, as well as residents living near the western loop looking to reduce noise levels around their neighborhoods.

"We have reviewed this relocation plan with Greensboro's Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and here internally," said Transportation Division 7 Engineer Mike Mills. "We all agree that this plan will best address the future needs of the transportation system in and around Greensboro."

The I-40 relocation plan includes:
* Changing the green I-40 Business signs back to the blue I-40 signs;
* Re-signing the exits along I-40 as Exit 212 (I-40/73) to Exit 227 (I-40/85);
* Re-signing the exits along I-73 as Exit 103 (I-73/40 interchange) to Exit 95 (I-73/U.S. 220 interchange); and
* Rerouting U.S. 421 to run concurrently with I-73 and parts of I-85.

The I-85 Business route and the I-85 exit signs will remain the same.