This week is National Transportation Week, and the trucking industry is taking advantage of it to promote the image of trucking.

In a proclamation, President George W. Bush noted that, "Innovation, investment, and imagination have enabled new modes of transportation to revolutionize the world. Today, businesses can deliver goods and services faster than ever, first responders can quickly bring hope and healing to those in need, and people can visit loved ones across the country or around the globe. The Armed Forces utilize modern transportation to deploy troops, move supplies, and bring our heroes home from the front lines. We are grateful for the hard work of all transportation professionals.

"My Administration supports the continued creation of safer, more secure, and more reliable roadways, bridges, airports, seaports, and mass transit systems. We are addressing the challenges facing our transportation system today, helping lay the groundwork for future demands, and giving State and local authorities the flexibility to solve transportation problems in their communities. By promoting research in advanced transportation technologies, my Administration is also working to help end our reliance on foreign sources of energy, improve our environment, and strengthen our economic and national security."

The American Trucking Associations is out in full force for National Transportation Week 2008, working hard to let the nation know that trucking is safer, more professional and more essential than ever.

ATA's America's Road Team will be at a number of events this week, including at Welcome Centers throughout Kentucky; at Potomac Airfield in Fort Washington, Md., May 14 with two trucks to talk to 5,000 students about blindspots and about careers in trucking; at the U.S. Naval Base in San Diego to let 1,200 children of military families get inside the cab of a truck; at the Wyoming Trucking Association Annual Convention's Safety Awards Luncheon May 16 in Cody, Wyo.; at the South Dakota Truck Driving Championships Awards Banquet; in Baltimore for Teen Safety Day May 17 with a truck to demonstrate safe driving techniques, and more.

In addition, ATA's Share the Road program will be at the Missouri Department of Transportation's Safety Fair May 17 in Kirkwood, Mo., with a No-Zone truck to educate 500 attendees how to safely share the road with trucks.

"National Transportation Week represents a chance for the industry to show the American public how important trucking is to their everyday lives," said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. "We have a full slate of events this week - and I know our drivers are our best ambassadors. Hopefully, attendees leave a little more informed and a few pursue rewarding careers in trucking."

National Transportation Week was created by Congress in 1962, as a follow-up to a 1957 action making the third Friday in May of each year "National Defense Transportation Day,"