American Central Transport, Liberty, Kan., has been awarded the right to use the SmartWay Partner Logo by the Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partnership.

The SmartWay Transport Partnership program is a voluntary effort between the government and the transportation industry to develop and implement methods to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation.

ACT has implemented initiatives such as aerodynamic tractors, heating/cooling technology that reduces truck idling, use of low viscosity lubrication, and speed management policies. These actions reduced pollution and increased fuel efficiency.

When compared to an operation that has not implemented any actions regarding fuel efficiency, ACT's programs have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 33,000 tons, particulate matter by 3 tons, and nitrogen oxides by 120 tons. In total, ACT has reduced emissions by 83 tons per truck per year.

"We will continue to search for additional ways to improve our fuel efficiency while reducing both our dependence on foreign oil and the impact on our environment," said Wayne Anderson, vice president of operations for ACT. "This is a program that we firmly believe in and we will continually strive for improvements."