The California Air Resources Board is asking truckers and other interested parties to participate in a series of workshops to discuss a proposed regulation to reduce emissions from existing diesel-fueled trucks, buses, and other vehicles operating in the state.

As currently proposed, the regulation would apply to nearly all in-use on-road heavy-duty diesel vehicles regardless of where the vehicle is registered. This is the board's fifth set of workshops since the initial regulatory concept was presented during public workshops in April 2007.

At the workshops, staff plans to discuss:
• Revisions to the proposed regulatory language presented in January 2008, and staff's revised emission benefit and cost analyses. The proposed revisions include requirements for the installation of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) for some vehicles beginning in 2010 and 2011, and engine turnover requirements starting in 2012. The proposed revisions do not require more than a single engine/truck replacement.
• Revisions to the Public Agency and Utility Regulation to include light heavy-duty diesel engines operated by municipalities and utilities in that regulation, and to clarify the best available control technology requirements.
• Revisions to staff's proposed concepts for efficiency improvements from tractors and trailers operating in the state. The proposed revisions include limiting the requirements to tractors/trailer combinations that are hauling 53-foot long box trailers.

Day and evening workshops are planned. For more information: