Webasto launched a viral video on YouTube that uses humor and graphics to draw attention and awareness to unnecessary truck idling and its adverse environmental impacts.

The video is associated with the website www.makealeap.org, which seeks to collect and clearly display idle reduction information and educational resources in one centralized location.

The LEaP acronym stands for Lowering Emissions and Particulates. The website, originally launched in October of 2007, is an educational and informational single point-of-reference database. LEaP combines some of the best information available, particularly on difficult-to-understand, difficult-to-track status of the many different idling laws and regulations from states and local municipalities across the United States.

Even though the web site is sponsored by Webasto, company officials say it is not an ad for the company.

"This is not a commercial website," said John Thomas, Webasto vice president of marketing. "Within the reference for environmental products, for instance, it lists all of our business competitors alongside Webasto. Idle reduction and environmental issues are a challenge for all to tackle together."

There are four core themes in the new website, showing tangible opportunities that can be achieved via idle reduction:
• Increasing financial savings for truck fleets and owner-operators
• Reducing U.S. dependency on foreign oil
• Reducing greenhouse gases / CO2
• Improving idle reduction education