Accuride has entered into a joint venture with Benecor to focus on building a dispensing infrastructure for the urea, or diesel exhaust fluid, required for many 2010-EPA-compliant engines.

Engine and truck manufacturers have spent tremendous resources developing engine offerings that comply with new emissions standards that become effective in 2010. Many have adopted Selective Catalytic Reduction technology that requires the use of urea, or diesel exhaust fluid, to help virtually eliminate nitrous-oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engines. In addition to having equipment on a vehicle that provides emissions compliance, it is equally important to have easy access to the fluid required to operate this system.

Accuride and Benecor are joining together to provide the dispensing systems required to service this coming need.

"We are planning to build an infrastructure which will provide a cost-effective solution to ensure ease of compliance for the industry," said Steve Holt, Accuride's senior vice president of strategy, growth and technology.

"We recognize the sheer scope of effort required to meet the needs of this market rollout, and joining with Accuride will afford us the opportunity to expedite the manufacturing and installation of the storage and dispensing units at truck stops, diesel fueling stations and fleets throughout North America," explained Brendan Foster, president of Benecor.