Customers who purchase a qualifying new International DuraStar powered by a MaxxForce 7 or MaxxForce DT engine will be guaranteed fuel economy improvement of 7 percent or greater
after six months as part of International's "Fuel Economy Challenge."

After six months, if the customer has not seen at least a 7 percent fuel economy improvement over their previous qualifying truck, the customer will receive a $1,000 fuel card.

"This program is our way of telling customers that we're listening," said Steve Guillaume, General Manager, Navistar Medium Truck Group. "Customers said that fuel economy is important, and we've responded with a product that delivers superior performance and a guarantee that backs it up."

Customers are eligible if they purchase a qualifying DuraStar between March 6, 2008, and June 30, 2008.

Testing at a Robert Bosch testing facility in South Bend, Ind., was performed to validate the fuel economy of the MaxxForce 7 and MaxxForce DT engines. In the end, the MaxxForce 7 demonstrated a fuel efficiency improvement of up to 13 percent versus the previous International VT 365 engine. The MaxxForce DT demonstrated a fuel economy improvement of up to 9 percent versus the previous International DT 466.

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