Webb Wheel Products Inc. has obtained a Federal Trademark Registration for its 2023 trailer hub. This means that no other manufacturer, domestic or international, can use a name or brand, which is confusingly similar
to Webb's 2023 trailer hub trademark to market and sell products in the United States.
The company has previously received federal trademark registrations for its brake drum part numbers and will continue to register part numbers that Webb customers have come to recognize as the Webb brand to protect the company's goodwill. All aftermarket distribution channels will be audited periodically to ensure products bearing the registered Webb part number brands are authentic products made under the company's standards.
Todd Manson, vice president of sales and marketing for Webb's Aftermarket Business Unit, said, "In addition to the very important issue of protecting our brand, Webb sees it as our responsibility to protect the end user from inferior wheel end components that could ultimately increase their cost of ownership and impact vehicle safety. By registering our part numbers, purchasers of these components can be assured that they actually receive quality products manufactured by Webb."
All Webb hubs, drums and rotors are routinely tested to ensure they meet or exceed the company's stringent quality standards. In addition to the part number, the cast-in "Webb" name is clearly visible on wheel end components manufactured and distributed by Webb Wheel Products. End users and distributors should look for these brands to assure the products are meeting the demands of the heavy-duty industry.