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Q. Will it hurt my engine if I don't use the same brand of oil every time?

A. No, the engine does not develop an affinity for one oil or have a negative reaction to changing brands.

Q. What's the correct way to grease a fifth wheel?

A. Good question and an area that is most often neglected or done incorrectly. Many truck 5th wheels are re-lubricated by simply taking the grease dispensing un...

Q. What's the difference between TBN and TAN in an oil analysis?

A. TBN is total base number and TAN is total acid number. TBN is a measure of the reserve alkalinity or reserve acid neutralization remaining in the oil.

Q. How much makeup oil would be considered normal in an older truck?

A. There is no set answer to this question or standard. The answer depends on make, model, engine condition and operating conditions. A badly worn engine will c...

Q. What do I need to know about engine oil and colder than normal temperatures?

A. Oils listed with W (which stands for winter) can have different numerical values different combinations within what is called a multi-grade diesel engine oil...

Q. I prefer to use a straight 40 wt oil in my Cummins NTC 400 big cam III in the summer. What API is approved? What does Citgo offer in a straight 40 wt.?

A. Actually, Cummins recommended a multi-grade oil 15W-40 in this engine which offered several benefits versus a straight SAE 40 Oil.

Q. Will using synthetic oil help to eliminate soot problems in engines?

A. Soot loading in the oil is caused by fuel combustion by products and can be impacted by operating conditions, engine condition and the efficiency of the fuel...

Q. How do I choose the right grease?

A. Greases vary widely in their performance capability in respect to the basic performance factors. Greases for heavy equipment can be designed to pump very eas...

Q. I've heard that CITGARD CNG / LNG is the best oil for Cummins CNG engines. Is that correct?

A. Yes, if you are using a Cummins Westport Spark-Ignition Engine, CITGARD CNG / LNG is the best recommendation.

Q. How do I make sure I'm getting a good oil sample for analysis?

A. Follow the oil analysis provider’s oil sampling guidelines. The best way to obtain an oil sample is to use an oil valve directly attached to the engine port.

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