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Q. Do automated and automatic transmissions have any different lubrication requirements than manuals?

A. Absolutely there is a difference-refer to your manufacturers recommendations for their specification requirements.

Q. I hear about TBN and TAN in oil analysis. What do these mean?

A. The most basic explanation of these specifications is that TAN means total acid number and TBN mean total base numbers. Technically oriented people will want...

Q. What type of grease should I use for my fifth wheel?

A. Proper application of grease is equally important as the type of grease. The frequent incorrect method of lubricating a 5th wheel is to simply apply the grea...

Q. I hear about different types of "base stocks" used in oils. Can you explain what this means?

A. Attempting to provide a meaningful explanation to the differences in base oil there is an excellent reference provided on the internet entitled understanding...

Q. As fleets turn their engines off more frequently to reduce idling, especially in operations where this happens numerous times per day, what is the effect on the engine oil?

A. Engines that start and stop frequently tend to have several potential lubrication related issues.

Q. Does Citgo have a high zinc motor oil that would work well in older flat tappet engines?

A. If you are using the older gasoline engine for normal operating conditions, a diesel engine oil type formulation does typically provide higher Zinc levels an...

Q. Mark I have an older fleet 1998 to 2007 what oil should I run?

A. Diesel heavy duty engine oils that meet the current American Petroleum Performance Category CJ-4 are backward compatible with older engines such as yours.

Q. Is one synthetic oil better than the other?

A. Your question regarding the products you have referenced need to be directed to those companies to support their claims. However, there can be a difference i...

Q. What type of lubrication do today's automated manual transmissions need?

A. Manual automated generally utilize the same type of drive line lubricant as manual transmissions.

Q. I am wondering if you can tell me what the estimated miles per gallon are for a truck using the CITGARD®SynDurance® 5W-40?

A. Typically the range has been from 1-3% depending on type of fleet. With current diesel fuel prices that can yield an annual savings of up to $1500 or more an...

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