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Q. What oils would you recommend for 60's vintage Ford Super Duty 401/477/534 gasoline HD truck engines?

July 10, 2015
A. Heavy duty engine oils will provide excellent protection in these vintage type engines while providing better lubrication at start up compared to a...

Q. What oil should be used in the 2012 Paccar 385 hp engine?

March 16, 2015
A. Paccar recommends an API CJ-4 type engine oil. Currently factory fill is 10W-30 and the preferred grade per their current service bulletin.

Q. What precautions can I take to protect my equipment from cold temperatures?

February 10, 2015
A. With temperatures on the decline and arctic air blasting most of the country, fleet owners in particular need to take special precautions to help protect...

Q. We use Amsoil in our trucks and were instructed to never change the oil, only add oil as needed. Is this an accepted method?

January 22, 2015
A. As far as the product reference mentioned, you should ask the supplier how and why it will support that claim, keeping in mind what is at stake and the...

Q. Can I use multi-grade oil for cold temperature operation in my 6-71 Detroit Diesel engine?

January 6, 2015
A. Detroit Diesel’s oil recommendations for all 2-stoke DD engines including the 6-71 have not wavered. Use mono-grade SAE 30 and SAE 40, subject to...

Q. How is the new lighter grade thin ice oil working on the newer diesel engines?

December 17, 2014
A. I am not exactly sure what “thin ice” oil is, but your question is good. I assume you are concerned about newer low-viscosity oils that may be considered...

Q. What is the proper weight lube for a rear trans rebuild?

December 10, 2014
A. Generally, differentials can be lubricated with SAE 75W-90, 80W-90, 85W-140 or even 80W-140 gear oils which helps people know which product should be...

Q. Is it practical to switch to synthetic lubes after running mineral oils for a long time?

December 3, 2014
A. Yes - equipment owners have changed to synthetic lubricants without problems.

Q. I've heard that if you have shorter drain intervals you don't need to buy high-priced engine oils. Is this accurate?

November 19, 2014
A. So called high priced oils can provide some capability to optimizing the service intervals as long as you know what the manufacturers recommendations are...

Q. Can you determine the quality of an oil by its color or thickness?

November 5, 2014
A. No - Color of an oil is not a method of evaluating oil quality. Oils can vary with base oil and the additive selection and color does not provide you...