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Trailer Economy

June 1, 2008
Five long days of testing showed trailer aerodynamics and wide-base single tires are best bets to save fuel.

Small Fleet Software

February 1, 2007
For many small fleets, upgrading the shop with maintenance software is a big cost issue.

Covering Your Assets

July 1, 2006
Technology allows fleets to watch over their equipment from a distance.

What Data Mining Can Teach You About Your Fleet
What Data Mining Can Teach You About Your Fleet

October 15, 2013
Fleet managers can learn new things about their operations by analyzing everything from accidents to wait times.

High-Tech Temptations

April 1, 2007
Technologies designed to make fleets and drivers more efficient can also make the driver's job easier and often lead to better pay as well.

Keeping Tabs With Fuel Cards
Keeping Tabs With Fuel Cards

December 20, 2013
Fleets don’t always have a clear picture of what’s happening with their fuel purchasing plans. That’s become quite clear in the recent Pilot Flying J...

The High-Tech Shop
The High-Tech Shop

October 7, 2013
In some fleets, shop operations are completely integrated with the computer systems for dispatch, accounting, mobile communications and outside service...

Onboard Idling Solutions

June 1, 2008
APUs and other onboard idle reduction technologies show promise, but fleet adoption has been slow.

Using Technology to Combat Distracted Driving
Using Technology to Combat Distracted Driving

December 29, 2010
Distracted driving has been the subject of two national DOT summits in the past two years, and new Federal Motor Carrier rules that became effective in...

QES Webinar Emphasizes EOBRs for Management, Compliance

December 14, 2011
Before adopting electronic logs in 2010, Kinard Trucking and Logistics, a 175-truck fleet in York, Pa., was seeing a 25% rate of log violations fleetwide....