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Taking the Costs Out
Taking the Costs Out

February 6, 2014
Whether you operate one truck or 1,000, monitoring and managing costs is one of your most important tasks. Fleets have used technology to help them control...

The High-Tech Shop
The High-Tech Shop

October 7, 2013
In some fleets, shop operations are completely integrated with the computer systems for dispatch, accounting, mobile communications and outside service...

Charged Up: Battery Advances
Charged Up: Battery Advances

May 2, 2011
Lead acid batteries - the most common type of battery found in trucking and automotive applications - were developed in the mid-1800s. After more than 160...

Technology In The Shop Pays Off

May 1, 2008
Using maintenance software allows a fleet to track vehicle histories, work orders, technician performance, warranties, PM schedules and other...

Tech Report: Maintenance by the Number

February 1, 2008
TMC's codes provide universal language for all