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Q. Will polyurethane motor mounts cause my truck to vibrate more?

A. There is a myth that polyurethane components are harder than rubber, this comes from history where there were different formulations and suppliers, as well a...

Q. What makes the STEMCO APE axle sleeve better than the competition?

A. The STEMCO APE sleeve is quality hardened material, actually harder than the axle eye, enhancing your axle for better performance.

Q. Why is the K120I king pin longer than the pin that came out of the truck?

A. Spicer/International used to make their pin this size.

Q. What are the proven benefits of automatic tire inflation?

A. First, properly inflated tires are safer, last longer, and offer a balance between fuel economy and traction. Second, tires are one of the top expenses for t...

Q. With my parking brakes applied I can roll the truck forward. What's the problem?

A. With 75% lining left on the shoes and the stroke at 1.25”, I question whether the drum is within spec or the s-cam bushings are worn out.

Q. What environmental specifications and certifications does the TracBAT RF sensor have?

A. We do internal testing when making changes to the TracBat but I don’t have a MIL standard that we test to. These are the tests we run...

Q. I need to know the cost factor between starting and stopping 19 times as apposed to starting and stopping 4 times in the same amount of miles.

A. There is not enough information to calculate a precise dollar amount, however, you can make a reasonable estimate that your cost of operation performing (19)...

Q. You released Aeris by STEMCO, your Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS) two years ago. What makes it different from an engineering and maintenance perspective?

A. At STEMCO, we’re wheel end experts, and over the years, we have observed a real problem with wheel ends getting pressurized, seals failing, and lubricants be...

Q. Does STEMCO make a metric valve stem that is common on Asian and Euro brand trucks?

A. Yes, Europe uses a smaller size valve stem hole (10mm) with an o-ring seal vs a rubber bushing, same as used in typical North American aluminum wheels (not s...

Q. STEMCO Motor Wheel CentriFuse Brake Drums are well known for weight savings, but what other advantages can the user expect?

A: Independent laboratory testing has shown CentriFuse Drums to be the most durable and longest wearing drums available.