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Refinishing Wheels the Right Way
Refinishing Wheels the Right Way

May 25, 2016
Road salts damage steel and aluminum wheels, and there are proper ways to maintain and repair them.

4 Suspension Maintenance Items You Might Overlook
4 Suspension Maintenance Items You Might Overlook

November 25, 2015
These complex mechanisms cushion the truck, load and driver, but too often are victims of neglect.

Make Supplemental Filters Pay
Make Supplemental Filters Pay

February 9, 2010
Cleanliness is next to godliness, so some truck operators change motor oil religiously according to manufacturers' recommendations. Others extend drain...

Better Stopping Performance Now Built Into Highway Tractors as New Rules Take Effect

September 7, 2011
Emerging from truck factories in the U.S. right now are road tractors that can stop in substantially shorter distances than those built last week. That's...

Shop Safety: Carrying on the Good Fight

May 26, 2009
Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but it also makes lots of sense in a truck shop. So say three maintenance managers we interviewed for this article....

Performance-Based Brake Testing

May 18, 2009
What if you could find out in 10 minutes or less precisely how each and every one of your tractor-trailer's brakes is working? You'd know how much force...

Tie-Downs Need Proper Storage and Use

June 10, 2009
When drivers are tying down a flatbed load, they may be tempted to use equipment that's worn or torn or broken, so they can get going and earn some money

How IT Can Help With Warranty Recovery

April 8, 2011
Probably at least half of the hundreds of thousands of over-10-unit fleets in the U.S. are managed manually - by "white board," yellow note pad, and by...

Trailer Report: Controlling Corrosion

April 8, 2011
What deteriorates on trailers? Almost everything that's not specially built or treated to resist the ravages of road salts, flying grime and everyday...

Eliminating Contaminants from Truck and Trailer Air Systems

December 29, 2010
A heavy truck's air system is a basic and important set of components that should be spec'd correctly and then maintained properly.