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'T-Line' Trucks Offered by Pennsylvania Builder
'T-Line' Trucks Offered by Pennsylvania Builder

October 27, 2008
An old-line heavy truck series is back. "T-Line" trucks, the most recent iteration of vehicles rooted in Diamond T and Reo trucks dating to the early 20th...

Trailer Report: Tales From The Road

May 1, 2008
If ever there were a piece of equipment that made sense, it's a scale plumbed into a tractor and trailer's suspensions.

Trailer Report: Making Sense of Spread Tandems

February 1, 2008
There are good reasons to use 'em, and reasons not to. here's a way they'd work better or would they?

Ford Redesigns Its popular F-150 For ' 09

February 1, 2008
Ford's F-150, America's perennial best-selling vehicle and part of a truck line that has claimed sales leadership for 31 years, may well keep that...