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Trailer Report: Fuel-Saving Reefers

June 3, 2009
Diesel fuel is getting almost too dear in price to burn, so users are looking at ways to conserve it and to avoid consuming it altogether

Future is Green at NTEA

May 26, 2009
Some of the earliest freight-hauling trucks were electric-powered, but they disappeared in the 1920s when internal combustion engines proved less costly and...

Trailer Safety: Technology That's Working

May 26, 2009
Rollovers are one of the most serious types of accidents, because drivers and other truck occupants are usually tossed around and badly injured or killed....

Making the Connection -- Beyond the Fifth Wheel

May 26, 2009
Doubles and triples combinations are the primary over-the-road equipment for less-than-truckload fleets, truck-trailer rigs are common among specialty...

Test Drive: KW's T370 Hybrid Tractor

May 18, 2009
Until recently, hybrid-drive commercial trucks have been, almost by definition, straight trucks. These are often the ones used in urban stop-and-go...

FLD-SD: Aging But Rugged

May 18, 2009
Severe Duty version of Freightliner's FLD proves a joy to drive, but get one while you can, because production stops in late 2009.

Navistar V-8s Gone from Ford Vans, Pickups by January '10

May 18, 2009
The once-popular Navistar-built Power Stroke V-8 diesel will be gone as an option from Ford SuperDuty pickups and E-series vans by the end of this year, as...

'T-Line' Trucks Offered by Pennsylvania Builder
'T-Line' Trucks Offered by Pennsylvania Builder

October 27, 2008
An old-line heavy truck series is back. "T-Line" trucks, the most recent iteration of vehicles rooted in Diamond T and Reo trucks dating to the early 20th...

Trailer Report: Tales From The Road

May 1, 2008
If ever there were a piece of equipment that made sense, it's a scale plumbed into a tractor and trailer's suspensions.

Trailer Report: Making Sense of Spread Tandems

February 1, 2008
There are good reasons to use 'em, and reasons not to. here's a way they'd work better or would they?