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Retreads: Play 'Em Again, Sam

June 8, 2009
Despite their manifest advantages, retreaded tires continue to struggle with an image problem. It's widely assumed - wrongly - that much of the tire debris...

What's New In Tires

June 8, 2009
Round and black. That's about the extent of the similarities between today's marvels of engineering and yesteryear's truck tires. I think I'm safe saying we...

Running Lean: Lightweight specs no longer just for payload

June 3, 2009
Weight, and what we're willing to pay to shed pounds, is relative. Tare isn't quite as critical to a typical truckload carrier as it is to a bulk or...

Airing on the Side of Safety

May 26, 2009
How much force would it take to hurl a 16-pound bowling ball three-quarters of a mile? About the same amount of potential energy packed into an...

Tires & Fuel Economy: Playing by the Numbers

May 26, 2009
Spec'ing considerations for tires run the gamut from application to serviceability, and from life cycle costs to anticipated fuel savings. No two fleets...

Tire Evaluation: Are you getting all the information you need before spec'ing your tires?

May 26, 2009
Perhaps only computers remain a more confusing purchasing decision than tires. The thought of comparing RAMS and ROMS and Gigs and HDs and DVDs and...

Severe Service Tires: Give 'Em Your Best Shot

May 18, 2009
It's a long way between a downtown back alley and an oil field, but as a tire sees the world, there are more similarities than differences. On-highway tires...

Cab Maintenance Concerns

May 18, 2009
Normal service for a big truck virtually guarantees that it will feel and show the effects of age long before you're ready to deal it. That means even the...

Truckstops In Crisis

December 1, 2008
Cost-driven closures are taking away driver amenities - and parking spaces.

Cool It!

September 1, 2008
Ask not what your cooling system can do for you, but what you must do for your cooling system.