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Maintaining APUs
Maintaining APUs

November 30, 2009
The auxiliary power unit has come a long way since the first commercially available units hit the streets in the late 1980s

Air Disc Brakes: You Can't Inspect What You Can't See
Air Disc Brakes: You Can't Inspect What You Can't See

October 2, 2009
Imagine having a brand new truck sidelined during a roadside inspection because the inspector didn't understand what he was looking a

Tire Report: Telematics and Tire Pressure Monitoring

August 10, 2009
You don't need me to tell you that maintaining correct tire inflation pressure across a fleet of trucks and trailers is a challenge of biblical proportion

Top Five Tire Killers

June 10, 2009
Nobody questions that tires will wear out. But what might be considered reasonable in terms of service life varies considerably from application to...

Cool It! Cooling system maintenance

June 10, 2009
We demand much of our cooling systems these days. Not only do they dissipate the heat generated by combustion within the block, but chances are they also...

A Question of Balance

June 10, 2009
Do we really need to balance our tires? Predictably, and depending who you ask, the answers are yes. Or no. Improvements in manufacturing processes...

Crud Catcher: Fifth Wheel Maintenance

June 10, 2009
As we head into winter, springtime may seem far away. But it's the aftereffects of winter's messy roads and de-icing compounds that lead to one of the...

Ticking Time Bomb? NOT!

June 10, 2009
Two major television news reports within the last year cast a shadow over aging passenger-car and light-truck tires. Fatal accidents allegedly resulting...

Airing on the Side of Safety

May 26, 2009
How much force would it take to hurl a 16-pound bowling ball three-quarters of a mile? About the same amount of potential energy packed into an...

Cab Maintenance Concerns

May 18, 2009
Normal service for a big truck virtually guarantees that it will feel and show the effects of age long before you're ready to deal it. That means even the...