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Trailer Maintenance: Little Things Mean A Lot

June 10, 2009
Trailers these days get a little more respect than they used to. They're designed to last longer with less maintenance. Newer, more damaging de-icers have...

The Digital Shop: Maintenance Management Software

May 18, 2009
With the economy in a recession and the trucking industry suffering through what Stifel Nicolaus analysts now say is a freight depression, trucking...

Risky Business: The Pitfalls of Not Managing the Dangers in the Shop

February 1, 2008
OSHA Fines, Worker's Comp Claims, Lost Productivity, Lawsuits, Higher Insurance Costs, Equipment Downtime. The Pitfalls of Not Managing the Dangers in the Shop

Diagnostic Dilemma

January 1, 2008
Once upon a time, people worked on their own cars. Shade-tree mechanics bought Mitchell or Chilton manuals and jacked up their cars in the driveway or the...

The Monster That's Eating Your Rigs

November 1, 2007
Frame rails, crossmembers, suspension components, air tanks, fuel tanks, battery boxes, brackets, brake shoes, electrical systems, air-conditioning...