Survey Shows 34 LNG Production Facilities for Vehicle Fuel

October 17, 2012

NGVAmerica and Zeus Intelligence announced a new information service for anyone interested in access to trailer loads of liquefied natural gas. The list is now publically accessible from the NGVAmerica website (

Zeus has compiled and will regularly update a list of all the LNG facilities around the country that have the capability to offload LNG into trailers for truck delivery to user sites. To date, Zeus has identified 34 such plants located throughout the country.

"Plant managers participating in the survey indicated that they could supply up to 3 million gallons of LNG per day, which is about 300 trailer loads," said Zeus energy analyst Tom Campbell, who led the survey. "The actual LNG supply capacity is much smaller. This listing, however, provides a good understanding of the upper bound."

LNG fuel suppliers are increasingly targeting the diesel vehicle market, which consumes 150 million gallons of diesel per day. Highway trucks are the primary consumer. Zeus has determined that at least 47 U.S. fleets have plans to use LNG, and the number of trucks fueled with LNG will soon exceed 4,000. Consequently, numerous new plants are under development.

"The number of LNG fueled trucks on the road is expanding rapidly - as are the number of LNG fueling stations," said Richard Kolodziej, president of NGVAmerica.