More Truckstops Add Shore Power

October 30, 2012

Shorepower Technologies announced 17 more truckstops have added electric plug-in power pedestals to their locations.

White's Travel Center in Raphine, Virginia, is the 29th of 50 truckstops nationwide scheduled to be outfitted with power pedestals through the STEP project.

White's Travel Center in Raphine, Va., is the latest truckstop to come on board with truckstop electrification. It hosted an open house last week to showcase how electric power can run cabs and sleepers while keeping them warm with space heaters or onboard shore-power compatible APUs.

White's sister location, Lee Hi Travel Plaza in Lexington, Va., also will be offering shore power soon. It broke ground on Shorepower power pedestal infrastructure on Oct. 29.

Shorepower Technologies provided the electrical pedestals to White's through the Department of Energy's Shorepower Truck Electrification Project (STEP), administered through Cascade Sierra Solutions, a non-profit based in Eugene, Ore.

White's Travel Center site also provides 480-volt power for hybrid refrigerated trailers. Located at I-81/64, exit 205, White's is the 29th of 50 truckstops nationwide scheduled to be outfitted with power pedestals through the STEP project.

As an added incentive to use all new STEP electrified sites, Shorepower said free power is available to truckers through the end of January 2013.

"Since Raphine has seven months where the low temperature averages 42 degrees or colder (five months of that averaging below freezing) full utilization of power pedestals over those cold months to heat the cab/sleeper with a space heater or shore power compatible on-board auxiliary power unit will mean a savings of close to 54,000 gallons of fuel for truckers," said Bobby Berkstresser, owner of the travel center.

"And it means about 540 tons less of carbon dioxide being put into the air. That's the equivalent of taking 100 cars off the road for a year. And, that's just for seven months."

Berkstresser said the company expects to expand the number of pedestals it offers as the industry and truckers ramp up to take advantage of shore power.

New Locations Offering Truckstop Electrification and Plug-Ins for Hybrid Reefer Units

Newell's Truck Plaza - Newton, Kansas. - 24 Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)
Seven Feathers - Canyonville, Ore. - 36 Plug-Ins- 6 TRUs (480V)
Wes-T-Go Travel Center - Tye, Texas. - 24 Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)
Pilot Travel Center - Weed, Calif. - 36 Plug-Ins- 9 TRUs (480V)
Flying J Travel Plaza - Lodi, Calif. - 36 Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)
Hopi Travel Plaza - Holbrook, Az. - 24 Plug-Ins
Chex Truck World - Middleburg, N.C.- Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)
Deerfield Travel Center, Steele, Mo. - 24 Plug-Ins
Flying J Truck Stop - Florence, S.C. - 24 Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)
Bridges Travel Plaza - Cusseta, Ala. - 16 Plug-Ins
West Winds Truck Stop - Green River, Utah - 24 Plug-Ins
Russell's Travel Center - Springer, N.M. - 24 Plug-Ins- 4 TRUs (480V)
Johnson Corners Truck Stop - Johnstown, Colo. - 24 Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)
Flying J Travel Plaza - Bakersfield, Calif. - 36 Plug-Ins - 5 TRUs (480V)
Dysarts Service (Citco) - Bangor, Maine - 24 Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)
EZ Trip - Fresno, Calif. - 24 Plug-Ins- 5 TRUs (480V)