Acquires Owner Operator Jobs Website

September 25, 2012 announced its acquisition of As its name suggests, this new website will be focused on connecting drivers with jobs.

Additionally, it will include a community forum board designed for all truckers, including owner-operators, to come and discuss their current and previous job experiences.

This new website is currently being revamped by the company's development team and is expected to be released on Oct. 1.

In addition to a searchable nationwide job section and a forum board, Version 2.0 is expected to have a live chat room, online trucking school seminars, as well as instructional videos for new drivers. Also, both websites will be interconnected and accessible from one centralized source at provides updated information on all posted jobs on a daily basis. If a particular job has been taken and its respective trucking company is not hiring, the job is taken offline so employees do not waste their time. Likewise, if a new job becomes available, it is added to the listings immediately for everyone to access.