Heger Takes Over Truck Tire Technologies at Continental

August 21, 2012

Roger Stansbie, director of truck tire technologies for the Americas for Continental's Commercial Vehicle Tire Business Unit, is retiring.

Libor Heger (left) will be replacing Roger Sansbie as Director of Truck Tire Technologies for the Americas. Alex Chmiel (right) will be taking on the role of CVT Brand and Communications Manager.

Stansbie, a 51-year veteran of the tire industry, retires effective Aug. 31 to return to his home country of the United Kingdom.

Replacing Stansbie is Libor Heger, a native of the Czech Republic and a 13-year employee of Continental AG and its associated companies. Heger was Continental's head of brand management for truck tires, the Americas, in Fort Mill, S.C.

Heger developed the current multi-brand strategy and product portfolio for Continental's truck tire offerings throughout the Americas, and oversaw the re-launch of the General Tire brand truck tire products to the region.

His responsibilities, now steered through Continental's research and development team, include overseeing the development of truck tire products and technologies to meet the specific needs of the Americas market.

Returning to the Fort Mill headquarters is Alex Chmiel, who has been on international assignment as head of global brand management for truck tires from Continental AG's headquarters in Hannover, Germany.

Chmiel, a 12-year veteran of truck tire sales and marketing at Continental, assumes the new role of CVT brand and communications manager. His responsibilities are to lead marketing communications and multibrand strategy for Continental, General Tire, Ameri*Steel, Euzkadi and Barum commercial vehicle tires in the Americas.