Computerworld Honors Maverick Transportation for Business Intelligence

August 28, 2012

IDG's Computerworld magazine has named Maverick Transportation a Best of Business Intelligence (BI) Editor's Choice Awards honoree.

These are the members of Maverick Transportation's IT team that helped the company in the commitment they made across the organization to the concept of aggregating all of the data they had to help support their corporate objectives.

This awards program recognizes successful BI initiatives that drive business value.

"For Maverick Transportation, a national long-haul trucking company with more than 1,200 drivers on the road, even small changes to processes can lead to swings of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the bottom line," Computerworld reports on its website. "Changes in routes, driver training, gas mileage, accident rates -- they all affect profits. Until recently, however, the company couldn't easily visualize real-time trends or accurately predict future outcomes."

"People were running a lot of reports, but not getting real-time information," Wayne Brown, vice president of IT, told the magazine. "They were basing decisions on data that was days or weeks old."

What Maverick did to turn that around impressed the editors at Computerworld.

"Today, Brown says that three full-time analysts develop dashboards for virtually every department, for functions such as operations, safety, maintenance and financials. But all of the dashboards access the same database, so users can get a wider view of the enterprise, if they want."

Honorees will be included in coverage in Computerworld and will also have the opportunity to showcase their initiatives at Computerworld's 2012 BI & Analytics Perspectives conference Sept. 9-11, in Phoenix, Ariz.

"The organizations honored in this year's Best of BI Editor's Choice awards program have learned how to get the valuable insights they need from their data using business intelligence and analytics tools," said Scot Finnie, editor-in-chief of Computerworld. "The projects spotlighted run the gamut from a charitable organization using BI to boost donations to a trucking company using analytics to enhance driver productivity without sacrificing safety. Each of the organizations is making better business decisions and, in some cases, generating new revenue streams and tapping into new markets. They're taking BI to the next level."

The Computerworld Best of BI Editor's Choice awards program was launched in 2012 by IDG's Computerworld editorial team to recognize successful business intelligence projects at organizations across the country. Organizations were asked to complete questionnaires detailing their BI projects, which were then reviewed by the Computerworld editorial team. From those questionnaires, 10 honorees were selected for their ability to make better business decisions using BI and predictive analytics tools.

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