North American Surface Trade Rises in May

July 31, 2012

Trade using surface transportation between the United States and its North American Free Trade Agreement partners, Canada and Mexico totaled $83.8 billion in May, unadjusted for inflation.

Imports in May rose 62.5% since May 2002, while exports were up 85.9%.

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics of the U.S. Department of Transportation, trade figures, adjusted for inflation and exchange rates, totaled $60.7 billion in 2004 dollars, up 11.7% from May 2011.

The value of U.S. surface transportation trade between the three NAFTA partners rose 13.0% from May 2008, six months into the recession, and 75.0% from May 2009, late in the recession. Compared to May 2002, the value of surface transportation trade increased by 72.6%.

Imports in May were up 62.5% since May 2002, while exports were up 85.9%.

By nation, U.S. trade with Mexico using road, rail or pipeline increased at a faster pace than trade with Canada. U.S.-Canada trade reached $48.1 billion, a 4.0% increase, while U.S.-Mexico trade reached $35.6 billion, a 14.9% increase.

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