Women In Trucking Hits Five-Year Mark

April 23, 2012

The Women In Trucking association is celebrating its fifth anniversary. The organization was formed in March of 2007 during its inaugural board meeting at the Truckload Carriers Association Conference in Las Vegas.

One of the accomplishments of Women in Trucking in its five years includes the annual Salute to the Women Behind the Wheel gathering.

The association was formed to encourage women to look at careers in the trucking industry and to support those who work within the industry. The original board, which has now expanded to include both men and women representing different sectors of the industry, was composed of 12 women.

"We represent the women who design and build the trucks, sell the trucks, fix the trucks, dispatch the trucks and own the trucks, as well as those who drive them," says Ellen Voie, founder, president and CEO.

Some of the accomplishments of the group include the annual Salute to the Women Behind the Wheel to honor professional female drivers, the Influential Woman in Trucking Award, an anti-harassment employment guide and the formation of a scholarship foundation. The group is nearing 2,000 members, which include both individuals and corporations, and plans to hold a birthday celebration at a trucking event this summer.

For more information on Women In Trucking, go to www.womenintrucking.org.