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September 7, 2001 - Industry News

Intermodal Truckers Bear Unfair Responsibility, Says OOIDA

The Owner Operator Independent Drivers Assn. wants to shift the responsibility of maintaining intermodal equipment from the trucker hauling it to the owners

Tags: Intermodal

August 27, 2001 - Industry News

Port Solutions Suggested In Virginia

A mediation committee, changes in chassis inspection procedures and better communication with truckers are among the measures proposed to help improve conditions at the Port of Hampton Roads in Virginia

Tags: Intermodal

August 24, 2001 - Industry News

West Coast Port Volume Drops In July

At a time when container imports from Asia should be moving into peak season, West Coast ports describe July's volume as disappointing, according to Journal of Commerce.

Tags: Intermodal

August 21, 2001 - Industry News

BNSF Steps Up Intermodal Competition

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company is now offering premium intermodal trailer service between Los Angeles and San Bernardino, Calif., and Atlanta through a haulage agreement with CSX Intermodal

Tags: Intermodal

August 18, 2001 - Industry News

Burlington Northern, Norfolk Southern Team Up In Intermodal Business

The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway and Norfolk Southern Railway are stepping up their efforts to compete with trucking

Tags: Intermodal

August 6, 2001 - Industry News

New York Port Plans For Growth

Traffic through the port of New York is expected to double by the end of the decade

Tags: Intermodal

July 2, 2001 - Industry News

Truck Traffic Growing At L.A. Port

Truck traffic at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., is expected to double in the next 20 years

Tags: Intermodal

June 29, 2001 - Industry News

West Coast Port Coalition To Look At Extended Gate Hours

A recently formed coalition of West Coast port interests wants to see if extended gate hours will help resolve congestion problems

Tags: Intermodal

June 29, 2001 - Industry News

New Coalition To Promote Intermodal Infrastructure Investment

A group of transportation associations, ports, corridors, engineering firms, and state and local government authorities have teamed up to promote improving the nation's intermodal freight transportation infrastructure

Tags: Intermodal

June 28, 2001 - Industry News

Railroad Launches Cross-Border Intermodal Service

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company, Fort Worth, Texas, launched a service to compete with cross-border trucking

Tags: Intermodal

June 25, 2001 - Industry News

Survey Addresses Miami Port Gridlock

The Florida Foreign Trade Assn. is looking for solutions to congestion problems at the Port of Miami

Tags: Intermodal

June 20, 2001 - Industry News

Burlington Northern, CSX Expand Refrigerated Freight Service

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway and CSX Intermodal have teamed up to expand BNSF's Ice Cold Express refrigerated freight servic

Tags: Intermodal

June 20, 2001 - Industry News

Intermodal Cargo Center Opens At Tampa Port

A new international cargo handling facility has opened at the Port of Tampa

Tags: Intermodal

June 17, 2001 - Industry News

First Amtrak Refrigerated Cars Ready To Roll

Amtrak is a step closer to competing with trucks for coast-to-coast refrigerated freight

Tags: Intermodal

June 11, 2001 - Industry News

Rail Mergers To Become Tougher

The federal government has made mergers tougher for trucking’s biggest competitor

Tags: Intermodal

June 3, 2001 - Industry News

Truckers Face Tighter Security At Florida Seaports

A bill signed into law on May 31 by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush requires seaports to beef up security measures at the state’s 14 seaports

Tags: Intermodal

May 31, 2001 - Industry News

BNSF Announces 48-hour Service From Chicago to California

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company announced that it will offer a new "truck-competitive" intermodal service from Chicago to San Bernardino, Calif

Tags: Intermodal

May 29, 2001 - Industry News

Canadian National, CSX Launch Joint Intermodal Services

Canadian National and CSX Intermodal aim to compete better with trucking with a range of new intermodal services connecting major Canadian and U.S. markets

Tags: Intermodal

May 29, 2001 - Industry News

MTMC to Outsource Container Management

The Military Traffic Management Command says it has decided to let private enterprise manage its 10,000 containers

Tags: Intermodal

May 23, 2001 - Industry News

Teamsters Testify About Port Congestion Before Congress

This photo of truckers waiting to get into the Port of Savannah was part of George Cashman's House testimony on port congestion.

Teamsters Port Division Director George Cashman yesterday testified before a House subcommittee on congestion in the nation's ports

Tags: Intermodal

May 10, 2001 - Industry News

San Diego Port to Get Dole Container Business

The Port of San Diego has signed a 20-year contract with Dole to relocate its West Coast container business to the port

Tags: Intermodal

April 30, 2001 - Industry News

Court Okays CSX, NS, Conrail Merger

A U.S. Court of Appeals has unanimously affirmed the Surface Transportation Board’s approval of the CSX, Norfolk Southern (NS), and Conrail merger

Tags: Intermodal

April 29, 2001 - Industry News

Seattle Port Truckers to Get FAST Route

In an effort to get trucks from the Port of Seattle to Interstates 5 and 90, a new route will be built from the waterfront to the Interstates

Tags: Intermodal

April 29, 2001 - Industry News

Port Everglades Adds Terminal

Port Everglades has opened a new cargo terminal with high-tech equipment for faster container processing and tighter security

Tags: Intermodal

April 24, 2001 - Industry News

Rail-to-Truck Facility Built in New York

Responding to pressures to reduce the number of trucks coming into the Big Apple, New York Regional Rail Corp. has completed its first "transload facility" at its Bush Terminal Yard in Brooklyn

Tags: Intermodal


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