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December 18, 2001 - Industry News

Stark's Predicts Truck Sales To Hit Bottom In First Quarter

Heavy commercial truck manufacture in the United States, Canada and Mexico will yield a new bottom in the current business cycle during the first quarter of 2002, predicts Stark's Truck & Off-Highway Ledger

Tags: Economy

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

GlobalWave To Be Distributed In Guatemala

Vistar Datacom, a satellite tracking and communications provider, will distribute its GlobalWave terminal in Guatemala

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

FedEx Ground to Lower Fuel Surcharge

FedEx Ground announced that it will lower its current 1.25 percent fuel surcharge to 0.75 percent effective Jan. 7, 2002

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

Western Star Launches New Web Site

Western Star Trucks has launched a completely new Internet Web site,

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

Colorado Carriers Get Cut In Trailer Fees

The Colorado Department of Revenue has issued a decision that will lead to a reduction in trailer fees for many Colorado-based carriers

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

Speed Limits Drop In Houston

In an attempt to meet federal clean air standards, Texas will cut the speed limit to 55 mph in the eight-county Houston area

Tags: Highways

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

Mail Hauler Strike Short-Lived

Drivers for Pat Salmon & Sons, a major contractor for the U.S. Postal Service, went back to work after only two days on strike

December 17, 2001 - Industry News Adds Carriers To Superspin System announced the addition of Estes Express Lines and Lakeville Motor Express to its established list of clients who will benefit from the OptiYield SuperSpin optimization system

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

CAPS Releases Collaborative Dispatch

CAPS Logistics has released Collaborative Dispatch, the collaborative component of CAPS' Momentum solution for integrated logistics planning

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

UPS Faces Busiest Day Of Year

UPS is expected to deliver more than 18 million packages worldwide today, its busiest day of the year

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

Quebec Owner-Operators May Be Required To Join Union Groups

A decision by the Transport Commission of Quebec will require owner-operators in the province to join one of three union-affiliated association

December 17, 2001 - Industry News

Sky City Casino Enlarging Truckstop

Acoma Pueblo's Sky City Casino just west of Albuquerque is plannig to enlarge its truckstop

December 14, 2001 - Industry News

Hoffa Victory Made Official

The re-election of International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa and the Hoffa Unity Slate was certified Friday by the union's Election Administrator

December 14, 2001 - Industry News

Production Inventories Fall, Consumer Prices Unchanged

Industrial production fell in November for the 14th month in a row

Tags: Economy

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Trailmobile Declares Bankruptcy

Trailmobile Trailer LLC has filed for Chapter 11 under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, a move that will allow it to reorganize and refinance

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Rhode Island Deploys First e911 System

Cell phones are great for emergencies. Dialing 911 is great for emergencies. But the two don't necessarily work well together, as dispatchers in the past have not been able to easily locate 911 callers on cell phones. That's beginning to change, as Rhode Island rolls out the country's first e911 system

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Diesel Under Attack

Two recent press releases show that despite making great strides in pollution reduction, diesel exhaust is still being blamed cancer and other ills, including global warming

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Washington Governor Resurrects Highway Funding Plan

Washington state Gov. Gary Locke has resurrected a highway funding proposal that was defeated last summer, one that includes a fuel tax hike and higher trucking fees

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Vermont Cracking Down On Oversize Load Permits

Vermont officials say they will no longer issue oversize load permits to trucks unless the state is part of a direct route

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Cat Customer Wins Sweepstakes

Jacques Pelletier has saved money on Cat parts and service purchases through Caterpillar's Inside Track coupon program for a long time, but little did he know that using those coupons also would result in a $15,000 gift certificat

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Fortune Names XM 'Product of the Year'

Fortune Magazine named XM Satellite Radio its "Product of the Year."

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Rugged Computer System Could Be Foundation For Trucking Applications

Applied Data Systems, Columbia, Md., has developed a ruggedized computer system that may make it more affordable for companies to develop sturdy trucking applications

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

New McLeod Module Helps Highlight Profitable Loads

McLeod Software's new LoadMaster Lane Analysis Module lets carriers use data in their system to help them figure out which lanes and loads are profitable

December 13, 2001 - Industry News

Retail Sales Dive, Wholesale Prices & Unemployment Fall

Retail sales have taken a beating while prices at the wholesale level and unemployment have improved

Tags: Economy

December 12, 2001 - Industry News

Truck Maker Execs Talk About State Of The Industry

As truck makers make decisions to deal with a sluggish economy and trends in the trucking industry, some changes are on the horizon. Heavy Duty Trucking, in its December issue, talks with three OEM executives about


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