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September 29, 1998

Tank Truck Driver Dies Avoiding Wreck, Called Hero By Witnesses

Oct. 1 – A tank truck driver who died last weekend trying to avoid hitting cars at a busy intersection in Reno, NV, has been called a hero by some witnesses. Dave Cermak, 55, of Sparks, NV,

September 29, 1998

Insurance Survey Finds Opposition To Longer Hours

Oct. 1 – Most Americans oppose allowing truck drivers to work longer hours, according to a survey sponsored by the Insurance Research Council. The survey says 81% of the public think it would be unsafe to permit

September 29, 1998

Arkansas To Close 12 Rest Areas

Sept. 30 – The Arkansas Highway Commission is going ahead with plans to close 12 highway rest areas, reports the Associated Press. Among the stops to be closed over the next two years will be pairs

September 28, 1998

Runaway Truck Avoids Death In Virginia

Sept. 29 – It's a trucker's nightmare: barreling down a hillside with no brakes and seeing traffic stopped below. That’s what happened last Thursday to John Franklin of Baton Rouge, LA, on I-81 near Christiansburg, VA, reports

September 25, 1998

NTSB Recommends On-Board Recorders, Simulators

Sept. 28 – After investigating a 1997 crash that killed eight people, the National Transportation Safety Board has made several recommendations on traction control, onboard recorders and simulator training

September 24, 1998

Arkansas Raises Speed Limits

Sept. 25 – The Arkansas Highway Commission voted Tuesday to increase speed limits on a number of highways. Suburban interstate speed limits will be raised from 60 mph to 65 mph, and Little Rock’s urban interstate speed

September 21, 1998

New Study Says ‘Don’t Jump’!

Sept. 22 — Every day, thousands of truck drivers risk injuring their ankles, knees and lower back by jumping from their cabs or trailers without using grab rails and steps, according to a recent study

September 17, 1998

Peterbilt Donates Truck For Sleep Study

Sept. 18 — The Paccar Technical Center in Mt. Vernon, WA, has given the Virginia Tech Center for Transportation Research a Model 379 sleeper-cab tractor. In exchange, Virginia Tech researchers will develop hardware and software for a

September 11, 1998

Court Upholds Verdict Against Navistar In Anti-Jackknifing Technology Case

Navistar International recently lost an appeal of a ruling ordering it to pay $5.1 million to the family of a Georgia woman who died in a 1989 accident. The U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta

September 11, 1998

Connecticut Raises Speed Limit

Sept. 16 – Connecticut and Hawaii are the only states to post a maximum 55-mph limit, but in a few weeks, Hawaii will stand alone. The State Traffic Commission will boost the speed limit on 330 miles

September 10, 1998

Trucker Charged In School Bus Collision

Sept. 11 – A trucker who slammed into a Colorado school bus after apparently falling asleep earlier this month has been charged with careless driving. Ricky Martinez was cited for two counts of careless driving causing bodily

September 9, 1998

Fleets Needed For Anti-Icing Test

General Ideas is looking for fleets of at least 30 trucks to test a new anti-icing/de-icing fluid this winter. The spray-on fluid, invented by NASA Ames Research Center, prevents ice and snow from sticking to surfaces

September 9, 1998

Deadline Nears For Safety Rating Comments

The deadline for comments on more changes to the Federal Highway Administration’s carrier safety system is Sep. 18. The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, passed in June, prohibits carriers with bad safety ratings from

September 8, 1998

Trucker Falls Asleep, Hits School Bus

September 8 — An owner-operator who slammed into a school bus in Colorado last week fell asleep at the wheel, according to a preliminary investigation. Ricky Martinez was driving his grain truck through Holyoke, CO, on his

August 31, 1998

Deadly highway in Georgia

AUGUST 19 - A planned truck stop is expected to make a deadly stretch of South Carolina highway even more dangerous, while the roadway continues to be passed over for improvement, according to a report in

August 31, 1998

Roadway, Volvo honor 55 3-million milers

DUBLIN, VA (Aug. 18, 1998) - Three million miles. It’s a distance equal to 120 trips around the Earth’s equator, or 536 round trips from Los Angeles to New York. It takes the average trucker about

December 1, 1996


Former State Troopers say split speeds make truckers `the fall guy;` predict rise in speed trap enforcement


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