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August 1, 2011

A peek Into a cargo thief's bag of tricks

In interviewing security experts for our July cover story on cargo security, I learned about some of the latest tricks being used by cargo thieves

August 1, 2011

9 Ways to Keep Cargo Safe and Secure

Last November, cargo thieves made off with a truckload of pharmaceuticals worth several million dollars

July 22, 2011

A Hands-Free Mindset

This month in Heavy Duty Trucking magazine, I explained how carriers can comply with forthcoming hands-free-only regulations on mobile devices

July 22, 2011

What do we learn from Roadcheck?

With another Roadcheck event now some weeks behind us, a few questions linger about this annual ritual. What's Roadcheck all about, anyway? What do we learn from the exercise? And why are nearly one quarter of the truck brakes inspected still put out of service

June 22, 2011

Groups Offer Information on Cargo Theft

As we report in the July 2012 issue of Heavy Duty Trucking, cargo theft is on the increase. One way to combat it is by using the resources below

June 17, 2011

Does using GPS rot your brain?

On the radio this morning, I heard a report about a young woman who drove her rental SUV right off of a boat launch while trying to use a GPS unit to find her way to a conference

June 12, 2011

Washington officials turn "share the road" mentality into top safety numbers

"Although semi trucks can be intimidating, most truck crashes turn out to be the fault of the passenger car driver.

June 2, 2011

What the Sky Express bus crash may mean for trucking

The bus industry is not having a very good year. Tuesday's crash of a tour bus that killed four was only the most recent of a string of highly publicized tragic crashes where driver fatigue or other avoidable problems appear to be a factor

May 26, 2011

Have an issue with cargo securement enforcement? It pays to participate

Each year, the Cargo Securement Subcommittee of Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance hosts two sessions of the North American Cargo Securement Harmonization Public Forum

May 4, 2011

Maybe the DOT <B>should</B> pay for naps

Ray LaHood should resign over his remarks regarding the recent spate of napping air traffic controllers. He has revealed himself to be so far behind current thinking on the value of naps in safety sensitive environments that his judgment can't be trusted

April 29, 2011

Storm stories

[UPDATED] I woke up this morning to a story on the radio about a man in Tuscaloosa, Ala., finding the body of a neighbor's child under the wreckage of his house

March 18, 2011

Whoa! That was Close

Not really, but it sure felt that way. With electronic collision avoidance technology working along side a driver's good judgment, the potential for truck-into-car rear-end crashes could be greatly minimized. This technology will reduce crashes and prevent all sorts of calamity on our highways

February 11, 2011

How Much of a Rush Can You Be In?

Trucks and trains may at various times be competitors and partners in the supply chain, but when the two square off face-to-face at a level crossing, there's no doubt who will emerge victorious

February 1, 2011

Got any Horror Stories About New Jersey's Snow and Ice Removal Law?

The New Jersey Motor Truck Association reports it has been fielding one horror story after another of the lengths to which some in law enforcement are enforcing the state's new snow and ice law, and is asking for further documentation to present to government officials

January 12, 2011

How Will CSA Data Be Used?

Last month, the next stage of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's new CSA 2010 enforcement program went live, making carrier safety information available to the public

January 6, 2011

When Trucks Go Crash in the Night

It was a fairly minor crash, as these things go. Three trucks involved, no one seriously hurt. No motorists involved except those inconvenienced by the closing of the highway. The incident appears to be related to the twin evils of fatigued driving and the shortage of parking places

January 5, 2011

Driver Distraction at CES

Driver distraction seems to have been a fairly hot issue driving announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. I wasn't there, but I've seen several news releases on the wires

November 16, 2010

Distracted Driving Campaign: Taking a Closer Look

I got tears in my eyes yesterday when I watched the online video about the 8th-grader who was killed in 2008 when her school bus was crashed into by a truck traveling about 60 mph. The driver said he didn't see the bus

November 15, 2010

Watch Out for Cargo Theft

A full truckload of pharmaceuticals worth several million dollars was stolen last week at a rest area in Kentucky, illustrating a trend toward ever-higher values of stolen pharmaceutical shipments

October 15, 2010

When Compliance Doesn't Equal Safety

Finally, a fatigue-related crash has come to the forefront that exposes the chasm that often exists between safety and compliance


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