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August 18, 2010

No Muss, No Fuss: The Latest in Trailer Tracking

About a year and a half ago, Kraft Foods' private fleet was experiencing considerable trailer detention and needed to get more control of its trailers

July 14, 2010

Navigation's Not Another Toy

Before adopting Maptuit's navigation system, drivers for expedited truckload carrier Armellini Express Lines had three choices if they got lost: wait for dispatch to jump onto Google Maps to get them back on trac

June 23, 2010

EDI: Learning the Language

Oklahoma-based Melton Truck Lines used to handle its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions in-house. The in-house process was expensive, and monitoring freight availability and finding loads was labor-intensive and time-consuming for the flatbed carrier

June 3, 2010

The Road to MPG Improvement

Fuel prices may have temporarily stabilized, but after hitting $4 per gallon during the past few years, it doesn't take a crystal ball to predict continued volatility

May 18, 2010

E-Logs: A New Era

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration opted for the strictest approach it could take in its new requirement for electronic onboard recorders, announced last month

May 18, 2010

E-Logs: 21st Century Timesheets

Refrigerated carrier Pollywog Transportation underwent a safety audit in 2006 after someone made an accusation against the company

May 7, 2010

E-Logs: A Critical Strategy for Safety, Compliance and Productivity

Electronic logs may be the workhorse of software for the trucking industry when it comes to helping firms meet safety, compliance and productivity goals

May 5, 2010

Electronic logbooks in Europe: Endless row of misfortunes, or a paper pusher's dream?

Many in the trucking technology world were relieved that the U.S. government decided to go with a "standards-based" regulation for electronic onboard recorders, rather than a technical specifications approach

April 21, 2010

Geofencing Breaks Efficiency Boundaries

Geofencing is a key driver of a paperless environment, with the power to optimize back-office and driver efficiency, customer service, asset protection and safety

April 9, 2010

Into the Cloud: The Latest in Web-Based Software

"Houston, we have a problem," is a phrase you'll probably never hear from Houston-based Crane Cartage, which provides ground transportation and logistics service

March 16, 2010

A Computer In Your Pocket: What Smartphones Can Do For Your Business

Florida-based Peninsula Trucking, a dedicated less-than-truckload carrier, is keeping up with its drivers, not through satellite tracking, but through their phones. Peninsula is using TeleNav Track, a web-based workforce management software with GPS tracking and navigation

March 12, 2010

Tracking Tire Performance

If you were serious about getting the best odds on a pro basketball bet, you'd research the heck out of the starting lineups, and know in advance that Kobe Bryant's sprained ankle doesn't seem to be much of a liabilit

March 2, 2010

Drive Performance Using Key Indicators

We've all heard the old saying: you can't improve what you don't measure. Yet that is exactly what fleets are trying to do these days

February 9, 2010

All Aboard: Getting Drivers on Board With In-Cab Technology

In early December, two executives from Panther Expedited Services traded in their suits and ties to take up the job of Panther's owner-operators for a week, delivering freight in the Northeast

February 8, 2010

Lifelines: The Tools You Need to Prepare For CSA 2010

In July, fleets across the country will be hit with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's new Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010, or CSA 2010, which will completely redefine the way motor carriers must comply with regulations

February 4, 2010

Panel: Electronic Logging Technology Addresses Fleet Priorities

According to Allan Lowry, director of safety at Central Refrigerated Service, there are three main priorities for a fleet: safety, service and retention

January 6, 2010

Under Lock and Key: Protecting Your Data

You probably anticipate problems such as missing paperwork, a driver getting lost, or an unexpected breakdown. But have you thought about the possibility of losing your data to terrorists, extremists

January 2, 2010

Data Critical to Transportation Productivity

Knowledge is always power, and in the trucking industry, access to driver and vehicle performance data helps management make decisions that squeeze every ounce of profit out of their fleets

December 18, 2009

Electronic Logs: The End of the Comic Book?

Perry Famularo, a longtime independent contractor for Dart Transit, was "one of those die-hards who said I would retire before I would use a computer for log purposes.

December 17, 2009

Yard Management: The Virtual Clipboard

When fleets look to automate operations, one of the last places they look is the yard. For most carriers, yard management is still a manual process, with a fleet manager walking around performing yard checks, keeping track on a clipboar


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