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November 29, 1999

Missouri DOT Looks To Toll Roads

The Missouri Department of Transportation wants to have the authority to establish toll roads and bridges

November 26, 1999

Turnpike Commissioners Like NJ Toll Plan

New Jersey Turnpike Authority commissioners last week voted unanimously to authorize public hearings on a plan to raise tolls

November 24, 1999

Study Ranks Worst Traffic Bottlenecks

A study conducted by Cambridge Systematics for the American Highway Users Alliance identifies the most serious traffic bottlenecks across the country

November 24, 1999

They Give You A Warning In Waldo

If you're heading into Waldo, FL on State Road 24, you'll notice new highway markings that are supposed to help you slow down before you hit a speed trap. The American Automobile Assn. and the Florida Department

November 22, 1999

New Jersey Turnpike Proposes Toll Hikes

Now that New Jersey has virtually forced out-of-state trucks to use the turnpike by banning trucks on secondary roads, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority wants to raise truck tolls sharply

November 19, 1999

Illinois Struggles With Toll Question

As Illinois toll authorities look for ways to accommodate Gov. George Ryan's request to get rid of toll booths, a new poll by the Chicago Tribune shows voters in the windy city like Ryan's proposal

November 16, 1999

Drowsy Driving Targeted In Idaho

Idaho wants to prevent drowsy driving along Interstate 15 in the southeast part of the state, and it is calling on highway engineering, law enforcement and driver education to do it

November 16, 1999

It's True: Traffic Is Getting Worse

To keep up with just one year of increased traffic demand, the average city would have to add 37 more lane miles of highway, according to a study of 68 urban areas released Tuesday by the

November 15, 1999

Iowa House Speaker Wants To Raise Speed Limit

Iowa's House Speaker wants to raise the speed limits on Iowa's four-lane highways from the current 65 mph to 70 mph to match surrounding states. But the governor's office is against it

November 12, 1999

New Mexico Wants To Speed Up Trucks

In response to complaints about "rolling roadblocks" of trucks and RVs taking up both lanes of the Interstate as they try to climb the hill west of Albuquerque, New Mexico is testing a new 65-mph minimum speed limit on a 23-mile section of I-40

November 11, 1999

Bovine Rubbernecking

Motorists will slow down for the darndest things. A hungry cow - and a well-meaning Florida Department of Transportation - recently caused miles-long traffic backups along Interstate 4. Last Saturday, a cow wandered into a marshy field alongside

November 11, 1999

Ohio Turnpike To Stagger Travel Plaza Construction

The Ohio Turnpike Commission learned its lesson after travel plaza construction last summer made for long delays at the remaining plazas. Next summer, it will stagger the reconstruction projects

November 10, 1999

Dizzy In Arizona

If some highway designers get their way, you'll soon be going around in circles in what some say is a more efficient, safer type of intersection. Arizona is the latest state to try roundabouts, a type of

November 8, 1999

U.S. 63 Extended Through Arkansas

Arkansas 15 in southern Arkansas has been re-designated as part of a southern extension of U.S. 63

November 8, 1999

Highway Beautification Causes Controversy In Ohio

The Ohio Department of Transportation wants to add touches of art to drab interstate interchanges. But some people say it's wrong to spend money on beautification when it's needed to repair and maintain bridges

November 8, 1999

Delaware River Tolls Going Up

Commercial vehicles will start paying a dollar more next month to cross the four Delaware River bridges between New Jersey and Pennsylvania

November 8, 1999

New Mexico Road Funding Could Be In Jeopardy

A dispute between New Mexico and federal officials regarding authority over a nuclear waste storage site could force the state to cancel or delay $200 million in highway construction

November 7, 1999

Colorado Vote Will Speed Highway Construction

Voters in Colorado last week approved a bond issue that will allow for the faster completion of many transportation projects, including the widening of Interstate 25 in the Denver area and north of Fort Collins

November 7, 1999

North Cascades Highway To Be Closed Two Weeks

Washington state's North Cascades Highway will be closed for at least two weeks so crews can clean up fuel spilled during a tractor-trailer crash

November 5, 1999

Arkansas To Get New Weigh Stations

Arkansas is building two new weigh stations to target truckers entering the state on Interstates 40 and 55


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