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January 26, 2001

Small Operator Equity The Key To Recovery

Freightliner president Jim Hebe (pictured) believes a lot of the industry's current woes can be traced back to circumstances that prevented smaller operators from building equity

January 26, 2001

Truck Sales Projections Dismal but Uncertain

The economy and the topic of used truck values was a recurring theme throughout Freightliner President Jim Hebe's State of the Industry briefing Thursday at Freightliner headquarters in Portland, Ore. But the market projections made everyone sit up

January 25, 2001

Expect Recovery By Year End, Economic Guru Says

The slowing economy, while not a classic recession, means the trucking industry will struggle through the first half of the year - but it will get better

January 3, 2001

Feds Drop Interest Rate; Could be Good News for Trucking

In a rare between-meetings decision, the Federal Reserve has cut a key interest rate by half a point trying to keep the nation out of a recession. The first decrease in rates in two years could be good new

December 29, 2000

Will Fleets Buy More Trucks?

Editor's Note: This is the final installment in a series of predictions for 2001, both serious and tongue-in-cheek, from's editors. Our economist offers thoughts on how the economy will affect truck sales, while Truck Sales &

December 29, 2000

The View From Behind the Mic

Editor's Note: This is the third in a series of predictions for 2001, both serious and tongue-in-cheek, from's editors. The Million Trucker March will be organized as the single biggest protest ever over high fuel prices.

December 14, 2000

FedEx, UPS: Holiday Volume Shows Impact of Slowing Economy

FedEx Corp. and UPS yesterday both announced that they are expecting flat growth this month thanks to soft shipment volumes

December 7, 2000

Major Papers Report on Truckers' Hard Times

The rest of the world is starting to sit up and notice how the trucking industry is struggling. Two major papers, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Boston Herald, are among those that have taken a look at trucking's hard time

December 4, 2000

Driver Pay Hikes Slow in Third Quarter

Profit pressures from high fuel costs plus a softening of freight activity has caused truckload carriers to put the brakes on driver wage increases, says SignPost Inc. According to the company’s latest National Survey of Driver Wages, fewer than 15% of carriers made wage changes in the third quarter of 2000. By comparison, more than 20% made changes in third quarter 1999, 23% in 1998, and almost 25% in 1997

December 4, 2000

Trucking Predicted to Deliver Record Holiday Season

The American Trucking Associations predicts that the U.S. trucking industry will haul another record amount of gifts and food this holiday season

December 1, 2000

Worst Of Economic Downturn Is Here

Recent economic reports confirm that the U.S. economy is now near the bottom of this business cycle.

November 20, 2000

Trailer Sales Dive Despite Strong Signs for Freight

Despite the strong economy, shipments of new trailers dropped 17% in the third quarter and were down 5.6% for the year, according to the latest manufacturer survey by Economic Planning Associates

November 15, 2000

Texas Insurance Company Says Goodbye to Trucking

A Texas insurance company has bowed out of the trucking industry, claiming losses are just too high to keep insuring trucks

October 28, 2000

Depleted Truck Market Hits Finance Companies

Financial institutions are being hurt by depressed market conditions in trucking, and that's going to make it harder for potential buyers to borrow money in the coming months

October 26, 2000

ATA Study Looks at Trucking&#39s Future

The U.S. trucking industry faces a bright future as it enters the 21st century, according to the Fifth annual U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast produced for the American Trucking Associations

October 23, 2000

Fuel Prices Cut Carrier, Supplier Profits

As third-quarter financial reports continue to be released, it is evident that high fuel prices have affected both trucking companies and the manufacturers that supply them

October 22, 2000

Insurance Rates Are On the Rise for Trucking Companies, Says NAFC

Trucking companies are experiencing significant increases in bodily injury and property damage liability rates, according to the National Accounting and Finance Council of the American Trucking Associations

October 17, 2000

High Fuel Costs May Hit Retailers Harder Than Consumers

Despite high fuel prices, retail prices and shipping fees paid by consumers are likely to remain pretty consistent this holiday season, largely because of the intense competition between Internet and traditional retailers. That's the prediction of a

September 29, 2000

Truck Sales: Down This Year & Next, Will Rebound 2002

The demand for new trucks and buses will continue to ease through this year and next, then start a steady pace of expansion in 2002, predicts Economic Planning Associates

September 28, 2000

High Fuel Costs Drop Third Quarter Profits

Several major carriers have issued third quarter profit warnings, giving notice before their summer quarter financial statements are released that earnings per share are below security analysts' expectations


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