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February 2, 1999 - Industry News

Clinton’s Budget Proposes Record Transportation Spending

President Clinton’s budget for fiscal year 2000, presented to Congress earlier this week, proposes a record $50.5 billion in transportation investments, including a record $28.4 billion to maintain highways and build new roads and bridges

January 29, 1999 - Industry News

FHWA Looks At Post-Accident Alcohol Testing

Should law enforcement conduct federally mandated post-accident alcohol tests of truck and bus drivers? That’s the question to be explored in a new study being conducted by the Federal Highway Administration

January 22, 1999 - Industry News

Investigation Finds Illegal Lobbying At Office Of Motor Carriers

George Reagle likes truckers. As head of the Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Motor Carriers, he encouraged communication between the agency and the trucking industry. But apparently he took it too far

January 22, 1999 - Industry News

Symposium, Bills Tackle Road Rage

Three-quarters of respondents to a national survey believe it is very important to do something about road rage, said U.S. Transportation Secretary Rodney Slater last week at a symposium on preventing aggressive driving

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January 21, 1999 - Industry News

House Ethics Committee Investigates Shuster

The House ethics committee is investigating Rep. Bud Shuster, R-PA, who is head of the House Transportation Committee

January 20, 1999 - Industry News

Reagle Reassigned

George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers at the Federal Highway Administration, has been reassigned

January 15, 1999 - Industry News

Is Reagle On His Way Out?

Rumors abound that George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers with the Federal Highway Administration, is on his way out.

January 15, 1999 - Industry News

Is Reagle On The Way Out?

Rumors abound that George Reagle, associate administrator for motor carriers with the Federal Highway Administration, is on his way out

January 12, 1999 - Industry News

North Carolina Looking At High-Tech Brake Inspections

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is shopping for high-tech devices to detect faulty truck brakes, reports the Associated Press, but those devices are not approved for funding by the federal government

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January 7, 1999 - Industry News

Virginia Congressmen Hold Hearing On Trucks And I-81

Two U.S. representatives from Virginia held a hearing earlier this week on truck safety on Interstate 81 – a hearing made even more important after a crash involving eight tractor-trailers killed four people last weekend on the heavily traveled highway

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January 6, 1999 - Industry News

Ice, Fog, Speed Lead To Virginia Pileup

Jan. 7 – Four people were killed and 26 injured in an accident last weekend on Interstate 81 near Lexington, VA. Although officials have had a hard time determining the cause of the tragedy, they now say it appears a tractor-trailer traveling too fast for conditions set off the chain reaction. The driver of that rig was one of the people killed in the crash

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December 31, 1998 - Industry News

DOT Size-Weight Study Ignites Controversy

Jan. 1 – A new truck size and weight study released Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Transportation is sure to add fuel to the controversy about longer combination vehicles. The book-length volume, while technically a draft,

December 31, 1998 - Industry News

Trucker Won’t Be Charged In Fatal Rollover

Jan. 1 – A Pennsylvania truck driver won’t face criminal charges for an accident where his rig rolled over and crushed a car, killing three people, reports the Associated Press – but he has been targeted in a civil suit

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December 24, 1998 - Industry News

FHWA Hires Convenors To Look At Hour Of Service Rulemaking

Dec. 28 – The Federal Highway Administration announced last Wednesday that it has hired two “convenors” to consider the feasibility of negotiated rulemaking as an approach to developing hours-of-service rules

December 24, 1998 - Industry News

STB Tells Bureaus To Lower Base Rates

Dec. 28 – In most industries, competitors are barred from discussing prices by federal antitrust rules. But since the 1930s, motor carriers have been allowed to collectively set rates, as long as they did so through

December 22, 1998 - Industry News

NHTSA Publishes Recall List

Dec. 23 – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a list of safety recalls announced in November

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December 18, 1998 - Industry News

North Carolina Task Force Recommends Truck Safety Improvements

Dec. 21 – State inspections of heavy trucks and restricting them to the right-hand lane are just two of 66 recommendations made by a North Carolina task force on improving truck safety in the state

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December 16, 1998 - Industry News

North Carolina Officials To Look At Dangerous Grade

Dec. 17 – A steep grade on Interstate 26 just across the South Carolina line will be the subject of a public meeting next week

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December 16, 1998 - Industry News

Nebraska Legislator Wants Lower Speed Limits

Dec. 17 – One Nebraska state legislator plans to introduce legislation to lower the interstate speed limit in the eastern part of the state, reports the Lincoln Journal Star

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December 14, 1998 - Industry News

More Delays On Hours Of Service Rules

Dec. 15 – New hours-of-service rules remain in the idle mode as the Federal Highway Administration continues to consider a negotiated rulemaking. New proposed rules were expected to be announced in the fall

December 11, 1998 - Industry News

New OSHA Rules Require Driver Training On Lift Trucks

Dec. 14 – New federal regulations regarding lift truck operator training also apply to truck drivers who may occasionally use the equipment for loading or unloading

December 11, 1998 - Industry News

FHWA Sets Waiver/Exemption Application Procedures

Dec. 14 – Under new authority granted by last year’s highway bill, the Federal Highway Administration has formally opened the door to waivers and exemptions from federal safety regulations

December 11, 1998 - Industry News

Snow Triggers Pileups Near Denver

Dec. 14 – In less than 24 hours, snow triggered two major pileups on congested Interstate 24 near Denver

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December 11, 1998 - Industry News

New OSHA Rules Require Forklift Training

Dec. 14 – If you occasionally use forklifts, new federal regulations require you to get training

December 10, 1998 - Industry News

NHTSA Recalls Volvo Trucks

Dec. 11 – More than 95,000 WhiteGMC/Volvo trucks made since 1986 are being recalled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The air suspension control valve supply line was not plumbed through an air pressure protection

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