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November 17, 2000 - Industry News

DOT Releases Truck Parking Study

The U.S. Department of Transportation has released a study that focuses on the shortage of available parking for big rigs on or near interstates, and trucker fatigue that is so closely associated with the issue

November 14, 2000 - Industry News

BTS Schedules Seminars on Financial Reporting

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics will hold a series of half-day sessions in four cities to review financial reporting requirements

November 13, 2000 - Industry News

Business Interests Sue to Stop Ergonomics Rule

Business interests launched a court challenge intended to kill the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s new ergonomics rule – and accused the Clinton administration of playing politics as its term comes to a close

November 13, 2000 - Industry News

OSHA Issues New Ergonomics Rule

A common complaint of truck drivers, backache, may come under government regulations with a sweeping new ergonomics standard from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The rules, which apply to all industries but construction, maritime, agriculture and

November 12, 2000 - Industry News

OSHA Expected to Issue Final Ergonomics Rule Today

The federal government is expected to issue a final rule today requiring employers to create programs to protect workers from repetitive motion injuries -- a rule that has been strenuously opposed by industry, including the American Trucking Associations. According to The Washington Post, which obtained a copy of the final rule, Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials expect trucking to be one of the industries that will need to make the most changes in the workplace

November 9, 2000 - Industry News

Household Good Movers Propose Changes to Loss/Damage Options

The Surface Transportation Board has asked for comments on a request by the Household Goods Carriers’ Bureau Committee to change released rate provisions for household goods shipments

November 8, 2000 - Industry News

OSHA Revises Ergonomics Proposal

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has reportedly revised its controversial ergonomics proposal

November 8, 2000 - Industry News

Insurance Companies Can File Certificates Online

Insurance companies and other financial institutions can now file insurance certificates and other federally required motor carrier compliance information via the Internet

November 8, 2000 - Industry News

What Does the Election Mean for Trucking?

As close and uncertain as the election results are, it looks likely that we'll have Republican control of the White House and both houses of Congress for the first time in 48 years. We will have to

November 2, 2000 - Industry News

Bush Leads In Poll of Truckers, Gore Running Far Behind

The nation’s truckers have made it known who they prefer in the race for the White House. The latest poll conducted by gives an almost 4-1 margin of victory to Republican nominee George W. Bush

November 1, 2000 - Industry News

North Carolina Clears Logjam for Tranportation Permits

Transportation officials in North Carolina have cleared a huge backlog of permit applications that had delayed shipments of heavy and large equipment across the state

October 31, 2000 - Industry News

Officials Taking Close Look at ATA's HOS Plan

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reportedly plans to give serious consideration to the American Trucking Associations' proposal for revised hours of service rules

October 28, 2000 - Industry News

Millions In Tax Credits May Go Begging

Truck owners trading in their rigs may be missing out on millions of dollars in federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) credits as the number of used trucks in dealer lots grows

October 26, 2000 - Industry News

Michigan to Close Weigh Stations, Add Road Patrol

The Michigan State Police Motor Carrier Division is shutting down some weigh stations but hiring more patrol officers to make sure trucks comply with the state's weight requirements

October 25, 2000 - Industry News

Tex-Mex Train Collides with Tanker, Injures Six

A Texas-Mexican Railroad train struck a tanker truck filled with flammable hazardous material in South Texas Tuesday, causing an explosion that injured six people

October 25, 2000 - Industry News

Changes Proposed for International Hazmat Freight

The Research and Special Programs Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation has proposed changes to the Hazardous Materials Regulations that will bring them in line with international standards

October 24, 2000 - Industry News

Australian Report Says Technology Could Help Predict Driver Fatigue

A recent Australian study has revealed that dashboard cameras and devices used to measure vehicle wandering might be useful to detect fatigue among truck drivers

October 24, 2000 - Industry News

DOT Gets Funds for Stronger Federal Truck Safety Effort

President Clinton signed a transportation appropriations bill that funds a significantly higher federal investment in truck safety. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration got a 60% increase, from $171 million to $269 million for fiscal year 2001. The bill covers everything from the postponement of the hours of service rules and closing holes in the CDL program to border inspections and the shortage of truck parking, with a major funding increase for state enforcement efforts

October 22, 2000 - Industry News

Senate Approves Heating Oil Reserve for Northeast

The U.S. Senate approved the creation of a 2 million barrel home heating oil reserve for the Northeast last week, while the recent release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve continued to make headlines. The legislation also renews the president's authority to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a 600 million barrel stockpile in Texas and Louisiana set aside by law for emergencies

October 20, 2000 - Industry News

Goodyear Says Light Commercial Tire Problems Not Another Firestone Recall Situation

The Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that tread separation problems similar to those in the Firestone/Ford tire recall have contributed to eight deaths linked to Goodyear commercial light truck tires. But Goodyear says that report is misleading

October 20, 2000 - Industry News

What Goes Around Doesn&#39t Quite Come Around

Here’s the latest news from New Jersey: New Jersey Turnpike tolls rose Sept. 30., though more for cash customers than for users of the automated toll system, E-ZPass. The idea is to encourage E-ZPass accounts. Of course, trucks

October 20, 2000 - Industry News

Trucking Companies Want to Test Fatigue Management Program

Two trucking companies want an exemption from the hours of service rules so they can test a new way to manage driver fatigue. Dart Transit, Eagan, Minn., and Star Transport, Morton, Ill., are working with sleep scientist

October 17, 2000 - Industry News

New Regs for "Wet Lines" in the Works

Petroleum haulers may see a government proposal to eliminate so-called “wet lines” early next year. Wet lines are the external loading/unloading lines on tank trailers which, after pumping, may still contain fuel. The National Transportation Safety Board believes they’re dangerous. In 1997, NTSB investigated a crash in Yonkers, N.Y., in which a car collided with a tank trailer in the area of its fill line

October 12, 2000 - Industry News

Truckers Talk to Cheney

Republican vice-presidential candidate Dick Cheney visited with truckers in a truckstop in Ohio yesterday, learning about their worries about fuel prices and other issues as part of his "Greatest Generation" bus tour. According to published reports, Cheney nibbled on apple pie and coffee as he shared a table with truckers at the Petro Travel Center about 15 miles south of Bowling Green

October 11, 2000 - Industry News

Truck Inspection Officer Accused of Accepting Bribes

A North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles officer has been accused of accepting bribes from an undercover officer in exchange for not inspecting a trailer properly


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