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July 25, 2001 - Industry News

Senate Stalemate Continues Over Mexican Trucks

Lawmakers in the U.S. Senate today wrestled over Mexican trucks once again, with a failed attempt to resolve a stalemate that threatens to shut down the Senate

July 25, 2001 - Industry News

First Motor Carrier Safety Reauthorization Listening Session Today

As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration looks forward to its Spring 2002 budget submission, the agency is holding public "listening sessions," the first one today in Atlanta

July 25, 2001 - Industry News

Medium, Heavy Trucks Excluded From Proposed Tire Pressure Monitoring Mandate

Medium and heavy trucks have been excluded from proposed federal standards requiring tire pressure monitoring systems in new vehicles

July 24, 2001 - Industry News

Deaths In Construction Zones Rise

The number of people killed in highway construction zones is at an all-time high

July 19, 2001 - Industry News

Bush Has a Border Fight on His Hands

President Bush is deep in a fight over his plan to open the U.S. border to long-distance Mexican trucks by the first of next year. Battle lines were drawn at hearings in the Senate and the House this week, as appropriations committees negotiate funding legislation for the Department of Transportation

July 16, 2001 - Industry News

Ergonomics Debate Resumes Following Scuttling of Rule

The decade-old debate over protecting workers from motion-related injuries entered a new phase yesterday as the Bush administration convened a series of public conferences on how best to write ergonomics rules

July 13, 2001 - Industry News

LTL Carriers Transporting Households Not Subject To HHG Regulations

Government agencies have ruled that new services from less-than-truckload carriers that transport household goods are not subject to the same consumer protection regulations as traditional household goods movers

July 13, 2001 - Industry News

FMCSA Okays Pilot HOS Exemption for Home Heating Oil Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has approved a pilot program to grant an exemption from the weekly hours-of-service restrictions for drivers of commercial motor vehicles making home heating oil deliveries

July 12, 2001 - Industry News

Senate Bill Calls For Stricter Rules For Mexican Trucks

The Bush Administration's plans to allow Mexican trucks into the United States took another blow in Congress yesterday

July 12, 2001 - Industry News

House Investigates Unscrupulous Movers

A House of Representatives Subcommittee is looking at the question of whether household goods movers need more regulation

July 11, 2001 - Industry News

Bush Threatens Veto Over Anti-NAFTA Truck Provision

As two Senate committees consider legislation that would prevent Mexican trucks from operating in the United States, President Bush is talking about a veto

July 11, 2001 - Industry News

Driven To Distraction

Most of us have seen it in person: A distracted driver creating a hazard or maybe even in the act of causing an accident. Maybe you’re guilty of doing it yourself on one or more occasions

July 9, 2001 - Industry News

FMCSA to Propose Vision Rules Change

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will propose changes to vision requirements for truck drivers sometime this year

July 9, 2001 - Industry News

Positive Drug Tests: Should the States be Told?

If a truck driver fails a drug test, should the state that issued his license be notified? That, basically, is the question the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will attempt to answer through a study mandated by Congress

July 2, 2001 - Industry News

Advance Tax Refunds Start End of July

Sometime between the end of July and the end of September, most taxpayers should receive a check from the U.S. government

June 30, 2001 - Industry News

Truckers Seek HOS Exemption To Test Fatigue Management Program

Two trucking companies working with well-known sleep scientist William C. Dement have put together a fatigue management program they believe can serve as an alternative to the hours of service rules

June 27, 2001 - Industry News

Bush Vows To Fight House Move Against Border Opening

President Bush is planning how to reverse this week's surprise blow from the House against the opening of the Mexican border to trucks under the North America Free Trade Agreement

June 27, 2001 - Industry News

Bush Will Nominate Blakey to NTSB

President Bush will nominate Marion Blakey to the National Transportation Safety Board

June 26, 2001 - Industry News

House Vote Could Stall Border Opening

The House of Representatives voted nearly two to one Tuesday for a measure that would put a kink in President Bush's plans to open the border to Mexican trucks under the North American Free Trade Agreement

June 26, 2001 - Industry News

New York Bans Hand-Held Cell Phones

New York will become the first state to ban the use of hand-held cell phones in vehicles when Gov. George Pataki signs a bill approved Monday by the state Assembly

June 25, 2001 - Industry News

State Leaders Say Cell Phone Legislation Premature

Amidst a growing number of federal and state proposals to ban hand-held cellular telephones, the National Association of Governors' Highway Safety Representatives is urging lawmakers to slow down

June 24, 2001 - Industry News

Labor Department To Hold Ergonomics Forums

The Department of Labor is holding several public forums around the country to discuss possible approaches to addressing ergonomic hazards in the workplace

June 21, 2001 - Industry News

FMCSA Shuts Down Two Carriers As "Unfit"

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been busy lately, shutting down carriers in Kansas and California

June 21, 2001 - Industry News

RSPA Preempts Another Local Rule

The Research and Special Services Administration has once again asserted its authority over hazardous materials transportation, overturning a Cleveland rule limiting the movement of certain radioactive materials in the downtown area

June 21, 2001 - Industry News

House Committee Lowers Increases Sought for Truck Safety

The House Appropriations Committee pared back Bush administration plans for beefing up truck and bus safety enforcement


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