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May 30, 2000 - Industry News

NPTC HOS Forum Sites Announced

The National Private Truck Council has announced the hotel locations for a series of one-day forums on the proposed hours-of-service rules it is holding around the country

May 30, 2000 - Industry News

Vehicles Damaged, Woman Hurt in Trail of Brake Debris

The debris from an 18-wheeler with brake damage littered an 8-mile stretch of southbound I-95 in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., Friday morning, and all the while the driver wasn't aware of the damage. The material disabled a trail of vehicles and left one driver injure

May 30, 2000 - Industry News

California Assn. Announces Hours Hearings

The California Trucking Assn. has scheduled a series of town hall meetings to addressed proposed truck driver hours and service reform. The meetings will included representatives from the California Highway Patrol, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and CTA who will answer trucking industry questions about the rules in a panel format

May 29, 2000 - Industry News

As Hours of Service Hearings Begin, Hill Gets Bill to Halt Reform

As the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prepares for the first public hearing on proposed changes to its truck driver hours of service rules Wednesday, Congress has a bill that would prevent the agency from implementing

May 26, 2000 - Industry News

Roadside Inspections: They're Not Random

Have you ever wondered why one truck is selected for a roadside inspection while another is waved on without a second glance? You no doubt know that the selection process isn’t random, but you may not

May 26, 2000 - Industry News

House Committee Moves to Block Ergonomics Proposal

The U.S. House of Representatives' Appropriations Committee has temporarily blocked a new ergonomics standard proposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

May 26, 2000 - Industry News

FMCSA Maintains Alcohol and Drug Testing Rates

Because the "violation" rate for truck driver alcohol testing stayed under 0.5% two years in a row, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says carriers can continue to random alcohol test at a reduced 10% rate. However the rate for random controlled substance testing stays at 50%.

May 26, 2000 - Industry News

Nebraska Inspections Net 490 Violations

The Nebraska State Patrol's carrier enforcement division conducted surprise inspections of commercial vehicles at two separate locations Tuesday and Wednesday

May 25, 2000 - Industry News

Truck Drivers Fatally Burned in Collision

The drivers of an empty tanker truck and a truck loaded with 400 live chickens were burned to death Wednesday when their vehicles collided on a highway east of Gilroy, Ca

May 25, 2000 - Industry News

FMCSA Denies Comment Extension, Adds Another Hearing

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is digging in its heels on an extension of the comment period for its hours of service proposal. It will, however, add another public hearing on the proposal at the end of the scheduled series of seven, sources say. The new hearing is tentatively scheduled for July 10-11 in Washington, D.C

May 24, 2000 - Industry News

Trucking Fatalities On the Rise in Iowa

Large trucks were involved in crashes that killed 108 people in Iowa last year, the worst truck death toll in 15 years.

May 24, 2000 - Industry News

Driver Dead, Three Injured in Toll Booth Crash

A tanker truck smashed into a Pennsylvania Turnpike toll booth Tuesday evening, engulfing a section of the toll plaza in flames. The driver of the truck died and three toll employees were injured

May 23, 2000 - Industry News

Trial to Focus on Driver Fatigue

Just as safety regulators are weighing new rules to restrict how many hours truckers can drive without resting, a civil suit against a New Jersey trucking company began Monday focusing prominently on that issue

May 23, 2000 - Industry News

Who's Accountable?

Recently, I was interviewed by a reporter representing a big city daily newspaper. She was new to truck safety and was working on a feature story. We sat in my office as I explained what the

May 23, 2000 - Industry News

FMCSA Denies Vision Exemptions to 141 Drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has denied the requests of 141 monocular drivers for exemptions from federal vision standards. The program, started in 1998, has some general guidelines for the exemptions which FMCSA says these applicants did not meet

May 22, 2000 - Industry News

New Safety Czar Supported

The appointment of Clyde J. Hart, Jr., the new acting chief of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has received broad industry support

May 22, 2000 - Industry News

FMCSA Schedules Meeting to Discuss IL CDL Program

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will hold a public meeting on June 6 to discuss the Illinois CDL program

May 21, 2000 - Industry News

Hart Replaces Cirillo as FMCSA Acting Deputy Administrator

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Rodney E. Slater announced Friday that Clyde Hart Jr., Administrator of the U.S. Maritime Administration, will serve as the acting Deputy Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration effective today, May 22

May 19, 2000 - Industry News

Smooth Sailing On I-25 For PrePass Trucks

The port of entry in Fort Collins, CO, is now checking truck weight, credentials and safety ratings while trucks roll by under the PrePass system. This means PrePass trucks can now travel I-25 from New Mexico to Wyoming without stopping at scales

May 19, 2000 - Industry News

Trucking Company Deploys 'Safety Vehicles'

G.I. Trucking, La Mirada, CA, has launched a new truck tracking and monitoring safety program

May 19, 2000 - Industry News

Another Wreck At NJ's 'Tanker Turn'

Tanker truckers traveling in New Jersey, beware: The Route 95 ramp that funnels on to westbound Route 80 in Teaneck, NJ, is known as "tanker turn," and yet another rig rolled over there last week

May 18, 2000 - Industry News

The Flip Side of ABS

The following is a true story. The names have been changed and locations omitted, as the driver is awaiting trial for vehicular homicide. Joe Doakes is cruising along a winding, hilly two-lane state highway in his company-owned

May 17, 2000 - Industry News

Rail Crossing Safety Video Debuts

As part of National Transportation Week, a new truck driver safety video on truck safety at rail crossings debuted yesterday

May 17, 2000 - Industry News

NTSB Calls For More Trucker Parking

The National Transportation Safety Board yesterday called for an end to the ban on private development of rest areas as a solution to the truck parking shortage

May 16, 2000 - Industry News

Tanker Explosion Kills Driver, Damages AL Highway

A Sunday morning tanker crash in Mobile, AL, that killed the truck driver and damaged an overpass and has raised questions about the safety of the ramp where the crash happened


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